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Cover your greens needs and gaps with this supplement

  • I recommend you stack this with other beverage, as it will taste better and more drinkable
  • It looks kinda gross but it doesn’t make me gag
  • I bought this just to make sure if I’m not enough greens, then it’s covered by this supplement

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Labrada Nutrition Lean Body Foods Greens Full-Spectrum Superfood

Editor’s Review

Good nutrition is not so easy to achieve when you have more to think about than just your plate. Even those among us, who strive to have a richer, more athletic lifestyle, find there are some gaps that are hard to fill. These are the very gaps that superfoods were designed to fill. These super nutritious foods ensure that our dietary intake is not lacking any important nutrient or mineral. And they are sometimes available in convenient packages.

The Product at a Glance

Labrada Nutrition Greens Full-Spectrum Superfood is a non-GMO green powder that contains an assortment of plant-based vitamins and minerals instantized into a delectable powder. The container has about 30 servings, with each serving being about 7g (one scoop) and 25 calories. The green capping and the liberal use of green ink in the labeling let you know that this is an organic product. It has the USDA seal to back that up as well. The ingredient information is nicely printed out, so you know exactly what you are getting. The retail price is less than $25 in most places where it is sold.

Flavor, Taste

Green Full Spectrum Superfood is not flavored. Addition of artificial sweeteners and flavors would adulterate this super formulation, and its exemption is a calculated move. That said, the product is drinkable. The taste is not particularly hard to get used to, unlike other products in its class, and the miscibility characteristics are good. Stirring in water yields a good consistency, and the absence of chunks or rough textures lets you know that some thought went into designing the product. You can optionally mix it with your preferred beverage if you want to boost its drinkability characteristics.


The superfood supplements contain an assortment of enzymes, probiotics, and chlorophyll and antioxidant complexes. Every ingredient is plant-derived, meaning that vegans can take it as well. Athletes too stand to benefit from Green Full Spectrum Superfood as it also supports the digestive and immune systems. Labrada ensures that each formulated product undergoes testing by third party lab testing. This ensures that any advertised benefits have indeed been verified, which lends a lot of credibility to both the product and the brand.


Superfood supplements are a hit and miss sometimes, either with the taste or with the claimed benefits. But seeing that this one comes from a brand that has carved out a good reputation for itself over the years, there is something uniquely compelling about it. Whether you are an athlete looking to push yourself a little further, or simply want to increase the number of nutrients and vitamins that you take, you’ll find that Greens Full Spectrum Superfood ticks many right boxes.

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