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Tasty enriched protein blend supplement.

  • High amount of protein per serving, that made me happy.
  • Doesn’t have the necessary minerals/vitamins, so don’t take it as a meal replacement alternative.

Duration length of product testing: 5 weeks

Labrada Nutrition Pro V60

Editor’s Review

Pro V60 is a unique and versatile protein blend that is designed to address the increased protein needs of fit or active men and women. High on protein and low on carbs, this formulation is not only ideal as a protein supplement, but as a low-carb replacement. Two scoops of the blend provide 310 calories with 60g of protein and just 12 g of carbohydrates. Whey concentrates and isolates are the main proteins in the blend, as well as egg albumin and casein.

Ideal for Calorie Restricted Diets

The Pro V60 comes recommended for those on calorie-restricted diets. By providing an abundance of protein and meager quantities of carbohydrates, the blend is a uniquely appealing to those on weight loss diets and those looking for a rich protein supplement.

Because of its versatility, Pro V60 is better than a simple whey supplement. It has a better protein blend so it is digested more slowly. The gut is unable to process protein that is ingested in bulk amounts, making Labrada Nutrition’s offering more ideal. Since it stays longer in the gut, it leads to a sustained feeling of satiation. Those on a restricted diet will find this characteristic likeable, since their cravings will be subjugated.

With an amazing taste to boot, Pro V60 distinguishes itself as a supplement of choice for those looking to build lean muscle. As it has low carbohydrate content, the supplement is also good for women as it offers negligible amounts of the macronutrient.

Coupled with an intensive workout program, the Labrada’s Pro V60 will lead to a notable increase in muscle mass within a couple of weeks, assuming that you also follow a healthy diet.

Saying this is the best protein supplement ever developed might be a bit of an overstatement. But it is versatile enough to warrant some space in your supplements cabinet.

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