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Deliciously tasty yet a healthy snack

  • Ideal snack to munch on for those on-the-go.
  • I prefer to microwave it for 30 seconds, melts in your mouth.
  • If you can afford this, go ahead. I’ll only buy it if I’m heading overseas or reservist, where I’ll be away from home.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Lenny Larrys FIT Protein Brownie

Editor’s Review

It’s almost impossible to believe that there could be amazingly delicious sweet treats that actually help one stay fit. It appears that Lenny & Larry found the right formula to achieve this. Its great merit is that it makes a bodybuilder’s or athlete’s diet a lot easier to deal with.

The Product

The FIT Protein Brownie from Lenny & Larry’s is made to be a power snack. It is loaded with 13 g of protein of one of the best kinds you can get. This is an excellent treat that will satisfy the craving for sweets, at the same time providing adequate nutrition to support training goals. Enriched with 7 g of fiber, it also contains 7 g total fat, 15 mg cholesterol, 140 mg of sodium, 23 g carbs, 8 g sugars, and it has no genetically modified organisms and very little sugar.

These brownies also contain an important quantity of iron, along with calcium. Other ingredients are chicory fiber, milk protein isolate, alkalized cocoa, cocoa butter, almonds, corn starch, brown rice flour and soy lecithin.


You can buy 12 brownies in a box, weighing 2 Lbs. One bar alone weighs 50 g. the price for such a package is of $23.88.


Perhaps the first flavor to draw the attention of customers is “Chocolate Decadence” – a truly “decadent” pure chocolate taste, but nevertheless there are the Chocolate Raspberry and the Peanut Butter Crunch flavors, too. The rich taste relies on sea salt and on entirely natural flavorings.


The FIT Protein Brownie works as an in-between meals snack and one can rely on it when consumed before or after workouts. It’s energizing and filling. This is a great solution when you have no access to protein powder drinks and you definitely need your workout nourishment. With 190 calories per serving, however, you may want to pay attention to what else you consume and how much, especially if your routine is about cutting calories and shedding fat. Note that this is not appropriate as a meal replacement.

Speaking about fat, it does contain enough of it – there are 7 g of fat in each serving. This represents 20% of what is known as the recommended daily intake.

The FIT brownies recipe is using whey protein concentrate and isolate. These whey extracts are known to provide high-quality protein for muscle building. They also aid in the muscle repair and regeneration process. Athletes who deal with intensive trainings benefit from such additions to their diet, as they are in constant need of high quality protein.

Lenny & Larry’s FIT Protein Brownie is a rich snack that can be added to diets demanding a high protein and calorie consumption.

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