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Optimal recovery with this post-workout synergy drink

  • The taste puts me off, slight tumeric after-taste.
  • It’s packed with lots of excellent after-workout ingredients and supplements.
  • This supp in my opinion would be better off without the fizzy carbonated aspect to it.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks


Editor’s Review

The new FitAID drink is being well received by gym enthusiasts everywhere. This product is widely available at CrossFit facilities, thanks to its growing popularity. Should this replace your usual sports drink though?

The Product

Marketed under the “Train dirty, recover clean” line, FitAID is a workout supplement based on a doctor-developed formula. This patented formulation is expected to aid in recovery, to enhance the performance and provide some adequate, basic nutrition for the body’s main systems. This supplement comes in cans and has 3 grams of purely botanical constituents plus essential vitamins.

You get the much needed electrolytes, Quercetin, all the B vitamins, Vitamin C, D and E, green tea leaf extract, blue agave extract (raw), antioxidants, glucosamine, anti-inflammatory turmeric extract, Omega 3 acids and BCAAs. This mixture is well tuned to boost one’s performance and recovery. Moreover, there is no gluten in it and it’s great for Paleo diets. FitAID is suitable to a healthy lifestyle, even to the most active types out there.


FitAID comes with special price if you decide to be a Box owner. Retailers will benefit of wholesale pricing. The regular retail price for a FitAID can depends on the vendor (health/natural food store, gym, and a few more).


This drink with a cloudy texture has a mild and refreshing pineapple taste. There is no artificial sweetener in it. Instead, its creators used the organic blue agave nectar.


FitAID will make you come back fully refreshed to the gym. The drink is best consumed 15 minutes prior to a workout and right after it’s finished. It is also beneficial when not dealing with the gym. In any case, this should not be mistaken for an energy drink, because its ingredients as well as purpose are vastly different. FitAID does have a bit of caffeine because of the green tea leaf extract. It keeps one fueled for the workout but this is mostly thanks to its vitamin and electrolytes content.

FitAID does not replace protein shakes. Overall, it is more efficient than sports water, which only has a fraction of the ingredients found in this drink. Should you face glycemia-related issues, note that this will not raise your blood sugar levels. As far as weight concerns exist, you only get 45 calories in each can.

FitAID has a plethora of benefits that make it reach its goal. Among what was already mentioned (workout fuel, vitamins, important acids etc.), which primarily targets the muscles, the drink also supports the cardiovascular function, as well as the joints and the immune system. It is not a wonder in itself, but it helps make a difference, as it provides such important nutrition for the hard training individuals.

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