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Get lean and mean with MN Acid

  • The promised claims were abit stretched. So know your supps before buying.
  • I bought it as the main ingredient is CLA, and from past experience it does help me in losing fat

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Magnum Nutraceuticals Acid

Editor’s Review

The secret to fat loss have already been uncovered by science. Dieting and training are the two facets of fat loss. As a theory it is very simple, but the reality of it is very different. Owing to different subjective factors determined by genetics such as metabolic rate, the road to fat loss is often a very treacherous one.
Magnum Nutraceuticals understands the struggle all too well. It is the reason behind their CLA product Acid. It is a supplement designed to make your struggle to burn fat and put on lean muscle much easier.

The product

Magnum Acid is a scientifically formulated metabolic activator meant to boost your metabolism and support lean muscle growth. This proprietary blend of CLA isomers is highly concentrated to ensure you get optimal results. CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that is thought to help in reducing body fat.

Value of Magnum Nutraceuticals Acid

The package contains 90 softgels for less than $25. This is better than what other fat loss products sell for. Considering that Magnum Acid has an abundance of metabolically active CLA isomers, it offers good value for your money.


You can take the softgels three times a day, ideally before your meals. It is stimulant free, so you can take it at night without the worry that your sleep will be interrupted. Magnum Acid promises to boost your body’s fat burning capability and assist in protein assimilation. This is how it lends its support to lean muscle growth. It is not a magic fat loss pill, so you will need to control your calories and work out still. What it does is amplify the results of your other efforts. If you train mean and eat clean, you should start seeing some noticeable results before long.

For bodybuilders who desire to achieve that dry, shredded look, Magnum Acid can be the catalyst that gets you there.

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