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BCAA supplement to help you retain your lean muscles

  • The taste was a bit acidic for me. I stacked this with honey
  • No mixing issue and my stomach works well on this
  • I held my gains when I was on this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

MAN Sports, ISO-Amino, Pure Isolated BCAA

Editor’s Review

Any athlete who is serious about their craft must have a BCAA product in their arsenal. It makes the path to lean muscle mass building so much more enjoyable and result-oriented. There are many products on the market, so why should MAN Sport’s ISO-Amino be worth the consideration?

The Price

The 255g container offers a generous 30 servings for $20. Considering that you are getting a superior hand-crafted product, this is quite the steal. Pure isolated BCAAs don’t usually come this cheap from a company with a reputation that precedes it.


ISO-Amino strongest selling point is the formulation of its BCAAs. The company claims that the 2:1:1 ratio gives maximum benefits, and need not be inflated to higher ratios. That means that what you get is a well-formulated product that has no fillers or other artificial additives such as colors and dyes. A no-nonsense formula that is clinically proven, and that offers 5g per serving is another box checked.

The Taste and Miscibility

There are products that mix poorly but this is not one of them. Unlike other protein supplements, BCAAs are not known for their poor miscibility. Thanks to the effort put into ISO-Amino, its miscibility characteristics are satisfactory. A scoop mixed with water will dissolve easily given a somewhat vigorous shake. No clumps are formed and no sediment sits at the bottom.

As far as taste goes, MAN Sports has formulated some of the more unique sounding flavors you will find, ranging from the sour batch and fruit smash to tiger’s blood to rainbow sherbet. The abundance of flavors means you will easily find one that is palatable enough for you. If reviews are anything to go by, the sour batch flavor seems to have the most followers so it is worth checking out if you are checking out the product for the first time.


The success of any amino acid supplement rests on you following it up with a sufficiently intensive workout program, otherwise, it yields no results. If you go hard in the gym, ISO-Amino will ensure your efforts are not wasted. It will aid in the repair and rebuilding of new muscle fibers, therefore enhancing your endurance and speeding your recovery. It is ideal as an intra-workout drink, though it works just as well post-workout, more so when coupled with a slow digesting balanced meal or supplement such as casein.

It is hard to take away from this product. It is far from the most popular in its niche. But it is formulated to work and comes in at a price that is hard to beat. It should definitely be shortlisted next time you are out shopping.

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