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Weight loss solution at premium price

  • I’ve a high tolerance to caffeine, so the alertness doesn’t affect me as much as normal person.
  • Side effect mostly none, but I do feel queasy and had more bad gym days than usual when I’m on this supplement cycle.
  • Works as promised but I won’t buy it again. Also I felt restless each time I took this, which was annoying.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MaxiMuscle Thermobol

Editor’s Review

Weight loss success, as we’ve started to accept, is not about finding a miraculous pill, but about a convergence of methods that create the desired result. Magic pills do, eventually, have a role here. You can combine the right recipe with the right amount of effort in form of exercise for a leaner figure. As for the mentioned pills, you will need something to make part of your diet, easy to integrate and with a well defined role. MaxiMuscle Thermobol can be termed as one such magic pills that have proven records of being effective in weight loss program.

The Product

MaxiMuscle Thermobol represents a unique formula made of natural ingredients with weight management properties. It contains several friendly herbal extracts, mixed in a powerful blend, advertised as a fat-burner. This one-of-a-kind formula is enhanced with green tea, guarana and B vitamins. Does it remind you of energy boosters? It actually has very similar properties. There is no new ingredient here in this list, but these properties are well known when it comes to weight loss effects, too. The efficiency of MaxiMuscle Thermobol is due mainly to the following:

  • bitter orange peel
  • caffeine
  • guarana seed powder
  • black pepper extract with bioperine
  • capsaicin extract


The weight loss capsules come in a tube of 30 pieces for a cost that is pretty much the common price of such tablets on the market. It may fall in the more expensive end of the segment, but the reviews claim it is worth it. For the average user, the tube will last for 10 days. One needs to take 3 capsules each day, but never take them at once. It is best to have these at a certain distance in time throughout the day (but not in the evening), always before meals. It’s important to consume the pills with water on an empty stomach.

Preparation and Taste

Use this supplement as directed above. There is nothing to be concerned of when it comes to taste or preparation – just get a capsule and wash it down with water. It should never be combined with alcohol, not even when this is taken along with a lunch. Also, avoid the evening hours.


The Thermobol innovation is meant to burn fat but it will not necessarily work on suppressing hunger. It’s got other ways to trigger effects. It definitely works well in conjunction with a training regime that is adequate to each individual. Consumers have even reported heightened energy and concentration levels, naturally due to the caffeine and guana content. It makes it easier to go through the training days and thus it boosts overall results. The supplement works even when weight loss efforts are stuck.

In cases where results fail to show, consumers must revise all the instructions and suggestions, as it is easy to miss some of the recommendations. When everything is done properly, these weight loss pills don’t fail to deliver what was promised.

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