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Premium priced whey isolate supplement

  • Quite costly to purchase MaxiNutrition supps, compared to other whey out there.
  • Very dull selection of flavors. Leave it to the Brits eh.
  • If I’m a professional athlete, this is my top supplement pick as the brand claims it has stringent measures, checks and protocol for not containing banned substances.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MaxiNutrition Promax Protein Powder

Editor’s Review

We are constantly looking for those ideal supplements which can be effective for more categories of people, from those who are on a slimming diet and want to lose fat to those individuals who train hard at the gym and want to boost their gains. Formulations with such a wide scope are hard to come by.

The Product

Promax created by MaxiNutrition is one of those hard to find supplements. Following the rebranding of the manufacturing company, it is designed to address the needs of more categories, from slimmers to bodybuilders. The Promax specific protein is made of hydrolysates and whey protein isolates, with no controversial ingredients within the formulation. Its aim is to help you recover and rebuild the muscle. It acts fast thanks to its structure. With this powder athletes can get 23 grams of BioMAX whey protein, which provides all the needed BCAAs for quick muscular recovery. Still, this is also good for your weight reduction efforts and can replace the food you normally eat to obtain protein.


Promax comes in a container with 960 grams powder; that’s about 32 servings. In the UK, where it is produced, its retail price varies between £32 and £40 or even more. This makes it one of the very expensive supplements of this kind.

Taste and Mixability

Promax mixed with water or other liquids will make a protein shake with the various available flavors, which doesn’t taste any different from other shakes in my opinion. It is, however, delicious and easy to mix. It’s recommended to have two servings a day regardless of your regimen. Read the label for directions of use.


MaxiNutrition, formerly known as MaxiMuscle, now sells its Promax Protein Powder in a new package. The product isn’t quite a novelty though; it is created based on the same concept and standard known to MaxiNutrition customers. It helps muscles grow or simply delivers the needed protein when one has reduced their food intake in hopes of slimming down. Take mid-morning and mid-afternoon servings for the days when you don’t train. Note that it’s best used post-training when you go to the gym.

This is a good quality protein and can be used to replace meals. Much has been said about whey protein and information abounds. It is well known that it is an excellent source of protein that is easily digested, reaches the muscular fiber and supports an entire series of processes. Although this has a very low content of fat and sugar, be aware: each portion has 240 calories in it, which is why it can work as a snack or meal replacement. Promax also contains an important quantity of Chromium, which keeps blood sugar levels in control.

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