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All purpose workout gloves

  • Highest quality pair of gloves
  • Durable and stylishly designed too
  • Comes with a velcro wrap to adjust to your palm sizing

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Men Women Gym Half Finger Mittens Gloves with Palm Wrist Protection

Editor’s Review

This product is a high quality brand producing sports equipment that looks great, a fashionable gear for men and women. It is manufactured in China and thus have very low prices, being accessible to everyone. In addition, their quality is usually above what you would expect. These can be ordered online with ease on websites known for their customer friendly policies and small prices.

The Product

The fingerless gym gloves for men and women are suitable to sports like weight lifting and come with palm and wrist protection, with two velcro clasps to keep them in place. They are made of synthetic leather in black color, with an appealing pattern, plus a cotton blend. The palm material adheres well to most surfaces, ensuring a good grip. One such glove measures 17 cm in length and 10 cm width. The palms are padded while the back of fingers is made of a material resembling suede. Only one size is available.


A pair of gym half finger gloves of this kind costs between $15. The package is shipped worldwide and takes a long time to arrive (an average of one month), depending on the buyer’s country. In most cases, shipping is free.


This fingerless gym gloves have, first of all, a very attractive design. They look sturdy and cover one third of each finger. Unlike most other models, you can see how much they extend on the wrists and how much support is being offered. Made of PU lather, these gloves are comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to suit many customers’ hands thanks to the velcro wrist belts. The material does not cause any calluses. These China-manufactured sports gloves are ideal for cycling or bike riding, but can work for weight lifting too. They don’t have cushioning though, therefore may not be suitable to lifting too heavy weights or to any other sports where you need thick padding to lower the shock or impact. The material is rather thin; however, the palm is reinforced, as well as the wrist. The grip is good. Thus, we can safely say that their main purpose is that of ensuring a good grasp and offering protection only in certain circumstances, when the weights involved aren’t too big. Given their size, such gloves are suitable to larger hands so they might be loose to a lot of people. Make sure to check the dimensions before ordering. Once you are certain they’re a good fit, you can place an order and wait patiently. The wait is definitely worth it, considering the extremely low price for a pair.

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