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Sweet tasting L-Carnitine that promises recovery capabilities

  • Mixes and dissolves brilliantly with liquids. You can stack it with your other supps
  • I saw somewhat effective weight loss, but it could be due to my increase in cardio
  • The price on this is very afforable!

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

MET-Rx Liquid L-Carnitine 1500

Editor’s Review

Carnitine might not be the most discussed amino acid, but its role cannot be underplayed. In the body, it is one of the primary nutrients involved in breakdown of fat. Physiologically speaking carnitine has also been implicated in preservation of bone mineral density and bone mass. Playing such a key function means having carnitine in your arsenal is a good move. MET-Rx has formulated this product, that you’ll particularly like, and it is in liquid form. It is Liquid L-Carnitine 1500.

The Product at a Glance

The formulation comes in a 473ml container, which yields about 31 servings, assuming each serving is about 15ml or one tablespoon. The product label contains nicely detailed information and covers most of the container’s surface area. The retail price is around $12, which is reasonable for a product of this class. MET-Rx asserts that L-Carnitine will improve your lipid metabolism to increase your energy reserves. It will also help you convert more food to energy. It will also support heart health, and will assist with exercise recovery. All bold assertions, while there is no scientific method that has verified them, the current understanding of carnitine as an amino acid derivative, and the way MET-Rx has formulated the product means these are some of the likely benefits.

Flavors, Taste

L-carnitine 1500 comes in two distinct flavors- natural lemon and natural watermelon. With liquid formulas, the taste always elicits mixed reactions and that is the case here. Some find the tastes to be intolerable while others don’t mind them at all. So, one opinion might not fit all. It is recommended that you try either to see which one you are more at home with.
The suggestion is to take one tablespoonful of the supplement with your pre-workout meal, and another post workout. You are of course, free to adjust the intake, based on what your fitness goals are. It is important that you take it with meals.

Expectations when taking L-Carnitine can range from the easy, like improving the metabolic output from your food, to other wilder ones, like achieving total weight loss. MET-Rx has designed their product with more reasonable expectations. You should feel more energetic, and see a notable increase in your exercise endurance, and a shorter recovery time.


While L-Carnitine is available in a variety of forms, liquid options are few and far between. MET-Rx has gone to great lengths to get it right with L-Carnitine 1500, but their efforts are not very perfect. The pricing is good, but the taste could use a little improvement. As far as the benefits go, you will have to review your personal experience. L-Carnitine supplementation is, after all, not as widely studied as it should be.

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