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Men skincare toning product to peel the impurities

  • The peeling effect was not that bad, did not make my skin sore
  • I use it daily at night after a shower, there was a lot of dead skin on the tissue as I observed
  • Yes my skin is still crappy but slightly better using this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

MIZON, AHA & BHA, Daily Clean Toner

Editor’s Review

For a beautiful complexion, it is imperative to clear the skin before you proceed to moisturize or anything else. Dead skin cells are simply a waste product that must not linger on your face. When it does, it attracts and holds dirt, blocks the pores, develops bacteria and leads to all sorts of issues, including pimples. A cleaner and toner could be the ideal solution for this first step.

The Product

The AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner was created by COSON in Korea. It makes the skin soft and clear, removes blackheads and impurities and will fight all the skin problems related to dead cells and impurities. Additionally, it controls the PH balance. The product is based on BHA or salicylic acid and AHA or glycolic acid. Their actions combined get to the deeper side of skin pores, cleaning out the dirt and old sebum. The result is a refreshed, clear skin. These ingredients soften the top layer, removing dead cells with ease and revealing the glowy layer underneath.


One bottle has 150 ml toner. The retail price per piece is of $38 but you can also enjoy a special price of only $21.90 online when you purchase it together with the AHA 8% Peeling Serum. Shipping fees apply for all international orders.


Judging by the reviews, customers are highly satisfied with it. The cleaner and toner is friendly to sensitive skin as well. It successfully controls the aspect of pores and cleans them thoroughly. In the end, your skin texture is improved, it starts to look revitalized and more even; you might also notice that the sebum production is normalized and thus you’ve eliminated a major cause of concern. AHA is water soluble and BHA is oil soluble, so every kind of dirt on your face will be taken care of. This might actually work better than micellar water since it has a double action. The AHA & BHA Daily Clean Toner is not as harsh as most toners. It does have a peeling effect but without the damage (no irritations and no lesions). This is no harsh formulation, you can start your day right after you have used it. The chemicals in it will not irritate your skin but make it ready for the rest of your beauty routine – no need to wait around until it goes back to normal.

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