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Superior source of vegan protein

  • Why do all vegan protein powder taste bland always.
  • I recommend you stack this supp with other juices for taste.
  • No stomach issue with me. I had a good slight gain.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

MLO Natural Vegetable Protein Powder

Editor’s Review

The importance of vegan dietary supplements to all types of consumers should never be underestimated. These often represent a means to get more proper nutrition, while avoiding toxins, artificial compounds, unhealthy fats, cholesterol and so on.

The Product

The Vegetable Protein Powder by MLO Natural is a vegan dietary supplement delivering a good quantity of protein. This is not only meant for people adopting a plant-based diet, but also for athletes aiming to boost their training power and gain muscle mass. This low-fat and low-carb nutritive powder is based on soy plus other protein-rich vegetable sources and has a balanced amino acid profile. A serving provides 25 grams of easily digested protein. The supplement is highly beneficial to all sorts of dieting people (especially ones relying on more protein and less fat and carbohydrates) and can correct a diet that was making one prone to cardiac illness. The quantity is sufficient for 23 servings.


This product is sold in plastic containers with 16 oz or 454 grams of powder. You will normally find it with a price tag set around SG$21-22, but some online stores have it discounted at SG$15.

Taste and Mixability

The MLO Vegetable Protein Powder is versatile thanks to its mild, almost neutral taste, with no sugar added. If you want to consume this powder as a drink, have two rounded tablespoons mixed in water, fruit juice, soy milk or even a smoothie. You may want to use a blender for a perfectly uniform drink, as it’s not exactly easy to mix. Also, given its versatility, you may use it in baked goods or any cooked meals, as the protein content will still be valid. Add it to salads or to your cereal breakfast.


MLO Products is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA and has been manufacturing protein powders using reliable natural sources. This completely vegan supplement contains, besides the healthy and very useful soy fiber, broccoli, tomato, carrot and beet powder, plus corn bran and potato starches. The label also lists all the amino acids in it and the list is impressive. There are notable quantities of L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine, L-Arginine, L-Alanine and more. The presence of these amino acids, the building blocks of protein, means that the product aids protein synthesis within the muscles and is helpful in an intense training regimen. A product like this, able to deliver easily absorbed protein where it is needed, can fuel vegan and vegetarian athletes to reach higher performance levels.

Taking the powder daily can be a good habit to promote heart health. Its protein content is enough to help one avoid the more harmful sources. Therefore, if you need the protein but wish to avoid steaks, dairy and other such foods, then you should count on this. It is much easier on the body and has only benefits – no drawbacks except the high content of sodium. One serving covers 15% of the daily sodium recommended intake.

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