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‘Juiced’ up with this Monster energy drink.

  • So-so taste but it gets the job done.
  • I felt a buzz feeling after drinking this.
  • The crash wasn’t as bad. I could still sleep well afterwards.

Duration length of product testing: 5 days

Monster Khaos

Editor’s Review

The world of pre-workouts abounds with offers. While pre-workout supplements are the most abundant, there are those who turn to something more exotic for that burst of energy and focus. Energy drinks are vilified because of just how much sugar and caffeine they contain in one serving. For a bodybuilder who is about to push themselves to the limit, this sounds like the ideal pre-workout drink.

Monster has become responsive to this by offering Khaos, a mixed-fruit juice energy blend with the all-familiar Monster flavor. It is the ultimate high-energy drinks for the active people looking for an edge. This juice-monster hybrid will match and often surpass the energy offering of the most loaded preworkout supplement.

Any Benefits

In addition to increasing your energy levels, Monster Khaos will gift you with greater. A right mindset is a critical prerequisite to a successful workout session. With the kind of alertness that Khaos bestows on you, you rest assured of moving insanely heavy weights without losing focus or energy.

Is Khaos The Best Preworkout Supplements?

While it sounds like the ideal drink, Khaos is still an energy drink, and thus bears the same characteristics that these products are associated with. It will increase your heart rate, dehydrate you, and leave you crashing once the energy dissipates. Unlike protein powders, which provide sustained energy and protein for a lengthy workout, Khaos, and other energy drinks might not hold out for very long. You can drink plenty of water to compensate for the eventual dehydration, but there is no way of forestalling the feeling of fatigue once the energy is all used up.

Monster Khaos might not have been designed for use as a pre-workout, but some lifters have grown to use it as such- to each his own. In the end though, no commercial product will ever best a specially formulated preworkout. That is the simple truth.

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