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Ache and sore no more with this BCAA+Glutamine combo

  • Ideal blend ratio in my opinion. Although it doesn’t mix that well, but small issue this one.
  • Lemon flavor reminded me of medicine. Maybe it’s just me.
  • Tasty enough to consume it directly from the scoop.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks


Editor’s Review

Ever thought about how heavy training depletes your body of its many essential elements? Intense exercising is always draining and may have negative effects on the muscles and the organs. Instead of opting for mindless feeding, the sure way to great performance is to supplement. The best kind of supplement to get is one that will increase protein synthesis and prompt the muscles to a quick recovery.

BCAA supplementation is necessary because the human body cannot produce this on its own. It should be obtained from one’s diet, but that is hard to control. MRM, BCAA+G is one such product that will help you to feed your body with the right BCAA supplement.

The Product

The BCAA+G with Lemonade Flavor from MRM was launched as the “ultimate muscle recovery formula”. MRM stands for Metabolic Response Modifiers and has an intriguing and most interesting range of products. This one is enhanced with L-Glutamine and is a supplement especially designed for those who work out intensely and wish to help their muscular tissue repair itself.

The 2 mg per serving cover 100% of the vitamin B6 needs. There is no gluten and no animal ingredient to worry you. BCAA+G has a precisely balanced ratio of ingredients, all 100% micronized for excellent absorption.


For a price tag now set at $13.17 you get 180 g or 0.396 lbs of powder to use as directed. Take 3 scoops twice a day, as advised by the manufacturer. 1 scoop has 2 g only, so it’s not a big amount. The container, though small, won’t be drained that soon unless you are up for some truly intense training and want all the support you can get from nutrition/supplementation.


In a market segment rules by chocolate and vanilla flavors, it’s quite a refreshment to have one that tastes like BCAA+G does. This is a dietary supplement with lemon flavor – tingly and cool, just right for a drink after a draining workout. It contains no sugar, no aspartame or other harmful sweeteners and additives. Shake or stir well when preparing. Do not mix it with water because it tends to float. When in a hurry, one can just take the needed quantity of powder directly into the mouth and wash it down with water. You’re allowed to consume it in conjunction with carb or protein supplements. It’s safe to mix these.


Take one serving prior to your exercise session and the other one when you have finished. Drink it with a meal for maximum effect. Athletes may also use it during their training. It will increase nitrogen retention. Also, because intense training depletes the amino acids in the muscular tissue, this will give your body plenty of amino acids to repair itself. The process will eventually lead to gaining lean muscle. The more muscle there is, the less the body fat.

Supplementing with BCAA+G boosts muscle volume but also improves strength. It’s recommended after strenuous physical activity. Day by day, one will notice better energy levels to sustain intense training sessions. Fitness enthusiasts or athletes will enjoy shorter recovery times after sustained effort or even after accidents.

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