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Improve your recovery with these BCAA+G supps

  • I experience better workout.
  • The taste is so-so. Nothing to brag.
  • Mixes alright, no issues with clumping.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MRM BCAA G Reload Post Workout Recovery

Editor’s Review

The wide range of supplements for athletes counts a series of sought-after products that can replace whey + other ingredient combinations, which are so frequently used. There are muscle recovery formulas out there that take care of your stressed body as you are working out and after that assisting in the recovery process. Here is one of these and it comes from MRM.

The Product

The BCAA+G Reload Post-Workout Recovery formula created by MRM is meant to address a series of important fitness requirements. It is for added strength as well as for more endurance and an easy recovery after workout. This dietary supplement relies on a carnosine synthesizer – the patented CarnoSyn. This is found in a total quantity of 500 mg in one serving.

You get the best ratio of BCAAs plus Beta-Alanine and L-Glutamine nutrients, which help the muscle rebuild itself. Plus, there is zero fat and almost no carbohydrates in this product.


You can buy containers of 330 grams or 11.6 oz, which is about 22-28 servings per container. This costs between $14.83 and $30. When you buy more, you can save more.

Taste and Mixability

The taste of BCAA+G Reload is great because it’s not too sweet, like similar products tend to be. Its flavor is of watermelon, which is said to be from natural ingredients only. The formula contains stevia leaf and monk fruit extract for added sweetness.

This is a highly soluble powder that’s easy to mix with water. You may even add it to lightly flavored drinks. Serve 2-3 scoops at once in a glass or bottle.


With MRM’s BCAA+G Reload, you get to support your lean gains. Moreover, it can be of help when trying to reduce body fat. Make a habit to consume it during your training sessions, but also after. You will find this helpful is you tend to experience muscular damage. The product succeeds in minimizing muscle soreness. Consumers have reported feeling less tired after workouts and they consider they can accomplish more during sessions.

Because it’s a fine powder and so easily soluble, it is entirely absorbed by the body. Thus, you get the maximum benefit. This powder is definitely suitable when you must keep a restrictive diet. You can take this supplement in between meals if you’re not allowed to have anything else. Also, carnosine is good for vegetarians and replaces some of those compounds they would otherwise get from meat.

This isn’t a completely unique or surprising post-workout recovery formula, but it can become a favorite thanks to its lowered price. It also stands out through its efficient way of delivering amino acids when these have been depleted as a consequence of intense training.

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