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Cover you calcium, magnesium and zinc deficiencies with this supplement

  • Has a strong medicinal taste and smell to it.
  • I usually mix it with my beverages.
  • You can’t really see any physical progress using it, just have to have faith that it does for the long run.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MRM Cal Mag Zinc Liquid

Editor’s Review

There is hardly any category of people who wouldn’t benefit of calcium supplements. This mineral is essential to bone health, helps muscles thrive and, along with magnesium, supports countless bodily functions. MRM’s Cal-Mag Zinc Liquid is superior to all other calcium and magnesium products, because it is enriched with all the other elements required to optimize absorption and potency. It is an alternative to calcium pills that may be hard to swallow for some.

The Product

This Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc formula from MRM is a dietary supplement used mainly to optimize bone density. The manufacturer focused on creating a formulation that is easy to swallow and to assimilate.

The numbers are quite impressive: you get 150% of the daily Vitamin D3 requirements and it also covers 60% of the needed Calcium, 75% of the Magnesium, 50% of the Zinc and 30% of the Phosphorus needed during a day.


The supplement comes in plastic bottles of 16 fl oz (480 ml) and you can buy it for less than $5, which is an excellent price for this quality and quantity. With a serving of one tablespoon a day only, the total amount will go a long way. It appears that it will suffice for at least a month.


While it has no sugars, it is still pleasant tasting, having a natural strawberry flavor which is well received by children and adults alike. The supplement can be described as a rich liquid suspension that can be taken as it is or mixed with a liquid (milk or juice) to make it thinner. As it is a rather dense formulation, it’s better to mix it with another liquid when giving it to children. Also, you may split the recommended dose into two servings to be taken throughout the day. Remember to shake the bottle well before each use to homogenize the ingredients and balance the quantities.


MRM created a blend of minerals that work well together and maximize each other’s effect. All work with a higher potency in this combination. The product has got no allergens and only 20 calories, so it’s not a caloric addition to be worried about. To preserve it, you may refrigerate it, but it’s not obligatory. You may want to do so, however, if you live in a warmer climate.

The supplement puts an emphasis on Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc, therefore if you need the whole spectrum of minerals your body needs you may want to look for a different product. If you only need to focus on the three, then you will see the levels improve, which will show in the blood tests. It’s an efficient blend that helps people at any age, even the very young children.

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