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Need some Superfoods? Get this amazing green blend

  • This supp doesn’t taste as nasty as other green supps I’ve tried. Taste decent.
  • I would usually stack it with other strong tasting juices to mask the taste. Use a blender to refine the coarseness of the drink.
  • Affordable. Considering it has plenty of ingredients in it, it’s worth the investment.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MRM Global Greens

Editor’s Review

MRM is a specialist in sports nutrition and a leader on the supplements market. It manages to stay on top thanks to its high quality ingredients as well as to its well research formulas. The best it has done so far was to put together an impressive number of super-ingredients to create a powerful formula for health.

The Product

Global Greens from MRM counts more than 70 greens in it, many of these being known as superfoods, along with enzymes and probiotics. MRM did its best to select special ingredients and gathered these from 24 different countries. There is more good news to it: the product is vegan and also gluten free. It is recommended for its great antioxidant power, achieved through blending extracts from well-known healthy ingredients, like spirulina, goji, alfalfa grass, kale, wheat grass, aloe vera and diverse berries, along with the less known, but equally useful ones, like baobab fruits, mangosteen, noni, jabuticaba, maca or schizandra.


In a container with 225 grams/ 8 o.z. you have 45 servings; an adult should take 1-2 such servings each day. The cost is of SG$30.19, which is a discounted price, as you will normally find a retail price of about SG$62.

Taste and Mixability

To prepare a drink, mix one scoop with 8 ounces of water or juice, be it sweet or green. Also, it can be added to a smoothie if you wish so. The product is sweetened with stevia extract.


MRM’s Global Greens dietary supplement is 100% vegan so it’s a product that can make it into anyone’s routine. Its greatest strength is that it can fight free radicals better than the usual supplements that contain barely a few ingredients labeled as antioxidants. It offers an impressive diversity and a rare purity and concentration of extracts.

The whole body can respond to such supplementation, since the nutrients are used by all the tissues and systems in the body. The skin and hair will glow, the energy levels will soar – such are the amazing benefits of this product. The kidneys and liver will be able to go through a quicker and better detox, and digestion will improve on using this product. The probiotics and enzymes content will have a big impact on how the body processes and absorbs the food. Besides, the concoction is enriched with adaptogens, which help fight stress. In the end, it has only 10 calories per serving, despite of being so nutritionally dense.

What convinces people to buy this is the number of active ingredients – thus, it can successfully replace a whole series of supplements that you would normally need to take in order to have all the benefits you want.

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