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Whey Isolate supplement that promise quality gains but light on your wallet

  • A really lightly flavored supplement. You can easily stack it with other beverages.
  • Good gains I achieved while I was on this supplement.
  • It’s affordable, mixes great and it delivers. You should get this!

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

MRM Isolate Whey Protein

Editor’s Review

Whey products are not made equal. The benefits of standalone whey are more as the milk derivative are well understood. But despite its high amino acid content, it is also rich in carbohydrates, cholesterol and fats. This can be eliminated through a process of filtration that effectively rids them. This yields whey isolate, an unarguably higher concentration product, which bests whey concentrate in every possible way. Whey Isolate is fast absorbing, and ideal for when the protein needs for the body are immediate.

MRM’s offering

MRM’s Whey Isolate protein is a highly liked dietary supplement that ticks all the right boxes. Available in a 30 serving container, and very reasonably priced, MRM’s product stands a notch above the rest. It has a high biological value and is dosed with vegan enzymes to make it even more compelling. The formula is very clean, containing zero fats, few carbohydrates and no artificial flavors. Vegan friendly and containing bioactive pepsidases, it is digested quickly and effectively to provide the amino acids to your muscles exactly when they are needed.

Taste and Mixability

Taste is one of the places where MRM’s Isolate Whey Protein excels. When many users stumble upon this product, they find it highly delectable, and stick with it simply because it goes down easily. Each serving contains 24 grams of BCAAs and 3 grams of carbohydrates. It mixes easily with water and other beverages, and does not require a vigorous shake to achieve complete miscibility. In fact, stirring with a spoon often proves sufficient. According to some users, the shake does tend to sit at the bottom if left standing for a while, but this is a characteristic that is shared by most supplements in its class. Its texture is not very smooth, but it is not so gritty that it is unlikeable.


The supplement delivers whey in its most ideal form. Containing all the nonessential as well as the essential amino acids required for the varied protein functions in the body including muscle building and recovery, MRM’s whey Isolate is the ideal post-workout, pre-workout and early morning shake. The bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast who is picky about their supplements will find that this one has all the right characteristics. With a great taste, and just enough protein per serving, it is in many ways ideal. Effectiveness is subjective, but for someone who pairs it with a nice workout program, muscle gain should be seen in a few weeks,


MRM’s Isolate Whey protein looks like an unassuming product on the surface, but one that is very hard to turn down once you try it. It is available in most places supplements are sold.

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