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Do you lead a busy life & always rushing to eat? Try this meal replacement

  • It tastes really good, you wouldn’t think it’s an MRP
  • The ingredients are really packed with macro and micronutrients that you need
  • Really affordable!

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

MRP by Fattah Amin

Editor’s Review

MRP International is a brand from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Its products are created to enhance people’s health and wellness and to help them reach their fitness goals. It has gotten the attention of people interested in slimming supplements, thanks to its recent innovations.

The Product

The MRP Diet Soup by Fattah Amin is an innovative way of slimming down by burning fats. It is a powder you can turn into hot delicious soup, perfect to increase the metabolism, give you a solid energy boost and reduce hunger. It is labeled as the ‘ultimate fat burner’ due to its potent ingredients with multiple actions. This is a meal replacement already well tested in Switzerland and known to work in appetite reduction and fat loss. In Malaysia, this is the first product of its kind and has generated a lot of interest so far. There is a high fiber content due to the instant oats powder, vegetable gains, nuts, and potato flakes. The garcinia cambogia extract is a known agent for melting fat, while the L-Carnitine, psyllium husks, white kidney beans, and prebiotics assist you with fat burning and help suppress the appetite, by promoting a fullness sensation.


The MRP Diet Trial Pack costs RM50 (1 box of 15 pieces) and the standard MRP diet package (30 sachets) is RM99. It is enough to have one sachet a day if you want to stop gaining fat, but if you want to lose, then try to replace 2 meals with the soup.

Taste and Mixability

The soup comes in three different flavors, with Mushrooms, Tom Yam and chicken being the available options. To prepare it, you need to mix it well into 230 ml of hot water.


Soups have always been a way to keep one full with fewer calories, through their high water content. When you carefully control what goes in it, you can actually have one powerful and reliable slimming agent. The MRP Diet Soup is a soup powder that comes in sachets, so you can easily prepare it at home. This represents a great nutritional strategy. It is a complete meal in itself and you can successfully replace unhealthy food choices with this. Its ingredients promote early and lasting satiety, especially the ones rich in fiber. Start by having one soup per day. See how full you feel, then you may be willing to increase the dose to 2 sachets per day and skip your regular meals. The manufacturer says that you will notice visible effects in just 2 weeks with constant use.

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