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Excellent source of goat milk without the fat

  • It took me a long time to realize I can’t consume cow milk. If only I knew earlier, I would have taken goat’s milk. If you have issue with cow’s milk, this is the next best thing!
  • It’s really creamy, I like this alot.
  • There’s no goat smell and aftertaste.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Mt. Capra CapraMilk Non-Fat Goat Milk Powder

Editor’s Review

The benefits of goat milk have been known since Antiquity. Nowadays, it can be used to successfully enrich a diet that is poor in nutrients. It can be employed as a source of calcium, but some people complain about its high fat percentage. For this reason, producers have come up with de-greased versions. The challenge now is finding a formulation that gets very close to the way fresh goat milk tastes and feels.

The Product

Mt Capra has been creating and marketing its goat milk products since 1928. With this one, it is only using one ingredient, which is advertized as “nature’s greatest food”. The milk is harvested from goats raised without antibiotics, not with growth hormones. Also, the food they are on is free of pesticides. CapraMilk is powdered goat milk with a creamy texture when prepared as a drink. The nutritional value is high, as it contains 33% calcium and 14% protein, with 0% fat.


Because it’s in powder form, you will find this sold in containers of 1 lb or 16 oz/453 g. These are priced between $17 and $19. There aren’t any significant discounts available.

Taste and Mixability

To make the actual milk, mix 2 tablespoons (28 g) with 8 ounces warm water. Shake the mixture well and serve it cold. It has a homogenous texture and is easy to mix, with no needed additives. It is creamy and has a very pleasant taste, especially when you use more powder. To make a thicker drink, simply add more, and enjoy it!


The Mt. Capra Non-Fat CapraMilk lets you make your own instant goat milk, very helpful when your diet requires you to avoid fats. People tend to tolerate goat milk much better than cow milk. It actually has a soothing effect during digestion. Because it is harvested from organically raised goats and contains no harmful additives and no bad substances in it, it makes for a very healthy drink. Those who don’t fancy drinking milk as it is, can use this product in various recipes and enjoy its nutritional value. If your body can only absorb calcium from dairy but you normally cannot tolerate cow’s milk, then this will be an excellent substitute for you.

The total count of carbs is very low and so is the sodium. Mt. Capra is a trusted source, as it’s a business with a long tradition and has had many pleased customers along the years. The methods of preparing its goat milk products have stayed at the same high standards. From the same brand you may also buy goat milk colostrum, mineral whey or protein drinks.

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