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Fight muscle fatigue, soreness and catabolism with this.

  • They got the taste perfect, not too sweet, not too strong.
  • I find noticeable difference in my endurance output on this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Amino 1

Editor’s Review

MusclePharm might be newer in the supplements industry, but the brand has grown in strength, and its products have become popular.

Amino 1 is a BCAAs supplement that is touted to be the ultimate recovery and hydration sports drink. The importance of branched chained amino acids is well understood, and anyone who is serious about their fitness should have a supplement that supplies it. Amino 1 is compelling because in addition to providing those critical BCAAs, it works to help you recover and refuel for your next workout.

Forestalling Muscle Soreness

Muscle soreness might be inevitable if you push hard enough in the weight room. But you can reduce the intensity of the soreness if your muscles get an adequate supply of electrolytes and amino acids. The Amino 1 is formulated with that very purpose. By using coconut water concentrate, the supplement offers a complete mineral and electrolyte profile to promote recovery.

Taste and mixability – The Amino 1 is great tasting, and can be mixed with either water or skim milk. Available in five different flavors, the supplement strives to be easy on the palate. The orange mango flavor is particularly popular, with most users considering it to be the most delectable. It mixes well too, without any visible clumps left after a vigorous shake.

Effectiveness – The product has a 3:2:1 ration of instantized BCAAs. They are quickly supplied to your muscles to ensure that your recovery from a workout is timely. With only 5 calories per serving and without any sugar or caffeine, the Amino 1 is ideal for those athletes who wish to preserve their lean muscle. It has anti-catabolic effects to ensure that your muscles are spared when you cannot get your post-workout meal quickly enough.

The Amino 1 is purported to increase your stamina and muscle building efforts. While these claims can only be reviewed individually, the efficiency of the supplement has been echoed by all those who have tried it. It is not advertised as a post-recovery drink, but it is best to use it as such. That said, it can be taken anytime during recovery, as it helps with nutrient transport to the muscles.

MusclePharm is a great brand, and the Amino 1 reminds of why the company continues to command such a following. If you are looking for an amino acid supplement that also helps restore your electrolyte balance, this product is perhaps what you seek.

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