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Creatine of maximum purity for a great price

  • Very ultra micronized form, it just slips through your fingers.
  • Doesn’t upset my sensitive stomach, no issues.
  • Unique taste and slight elevated in strength I observed.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Cre3

Editor’s Review

Many of us dream of reaching higher levels of athletic performance, but this is not possible unless workouts are insanely long. Nutrition also comes into the picture. To make this wish come true, one needs a supplement that enhances the muscular mass but at the same time helps sustain longer workouts and achieve more. And here comes the importance of MusclePharm Arnold Series Iron Cre3.

The Product

Iron CRE3 with Super Creatine Nitrate from MusclePharm Arnold Series is a promising soluble powder for “explosive workouts” fueled by taurine, L-Glutamine and coconut extracts. It is the right product for increased strength, muscle power and quick recovery of the tissue. It supports muscle growth after intense training and is a most suitable supplement for bodybuilders. Its formula boosts energy and endurance, enabling the body to go through longer, more intense training sessions.


The powder can be purchased in packages of 7 servings and of 30 servings, priced at $6.99, respectively $19.47. One serving size is of 4.1g with only 1g of carbs and counting 5 calories. We are inclined to see it as a good deal, especially considering its content of valuable vitamins (B and E). If you keep an eye on the active promotions, you may get a small pack as bonus when you purchase a big recipient of 30 servings.

Preparation and Taste

Iron CRE3 was conceived as a dietary supplement that’s easily soluble in water and can be consumed without needing to pay attention to too many rules. In fact, there are hardly any. Just mix one scoop with water (6 to 8 oz). Drink the mixture 30 minutes before the training. It’s safe to take it on an empty stomach, but it also works with food. The red beet juice powder is used for coloring the drink. Iron CRE3 comes in two versions: with Blue Razz and Fruit Punch flavors, both of them well distinguished from the usual supplement flavors.


Iron CRE3 uses molecularly modified creatine, which is better than the regular one. If you used to take creatine, it will only suffice 1/10 of that quantity when you take this enhanced formulation. This is the ‘super creatine nitrate'(creatine + highly soluble nitric acid). The new compound is much more effective in reaching deep into the tissue. It gets the muscles pumped for many hours, also working at vascular level. No more training plateaus. Blood irrigation is enhanced, delivering more nutrients to the muscle mass.

There is more than just regular nutrition and training to make those muscles like Arnold’s, and this supplement proves it. Instead of loading on many types of protein powders for maximum effects, you can use this well engineered enhanced formulation to define the muscles like never before.

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