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Quality mass gainer endorsed by Arnold

  • Not bad of a taste, kinda takes 2-3 servings before getting use to the taste.
  • No issues with the mixture. I find mixing it with soy milk & blend with ice cubes, it was awesome!
  • I had gains when I was on this.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass

Editor’s Review

When MusclePharm teamed up with the bodybuilding legend that is Arnold, the world was in for a treat. The culmination of this new bond was a new series of supplements that can help you become your own legend. Iron Mass is one of the products in the lineup. For the bodybuilders that want to emulate Arnold’s stunning size and symmetry, it is a product that is worth trying.

The Product

Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass is a mass gaining supplement that is designed to ease your ability of stacking on new muscle. It is a revolutionary formula that contains a blend of complex carbohydrates, EFAs and protein to help you gain hard dense muscle and boost your overall strength. The Muscle Plasma Protein Technology used in formulation ensures you get more bioactive proteins and proteins to fully stimulate your body’s muscle building capacities. With over 40g of protein in each serving, it is a mass gaining supplement that stands above the rest.


The product is available in 5lbs and 8lbs containers, with the former costing about $50, give or take. Admittedly, it is a little pricey, and will have you reaching deeper into your pocket. But what you get in return is a supplement that has the endorsement of the most successful bodybuilder to have yet lived. It’s a worthy trade off.


Where mass gainers are frowned upon for being overly sweet, Iron Mass has very little sugar. It is still very delectable in its banana cream, chocolate malt and vanilla malt flavours. The taste is actually one of the characteristics that have helped Iron Mass achieve mass appeal. It mixes as well as you would expect of a mass gainer. That is to say a vigorous shake will be necessary to prevent any clumps or residues.


If you are true to your training program, Iron Mass will help you chart new territory with your physique. You get a lot of quality calories to work with and this is what enable you to gain more muscle mass.

If you do not mind the cost, this is a must-have supplement, more so if you are the hardgainer type.

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