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Powerful skin crawling pre-workout

  • A reasonable price natural pre-workout
  • The pump is slow-building but you will feel it
  • No crash whatsoever

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Pump

Editor’s Review

There is something magical about MP’s Arnold Schwarzenegger products. The legendary bodybuilder has inspired millions and that is perhaps why the series is so great. Iron Pump is one of the products in the line. This super nitric oxide formula is designed to give you your best pump yet before you hit the weight room. Is it as good as advertised?

The Product

Carrying the iconic pose of Arnold, Iron Pump is a preworkout formula that promises to amplify your strength and power through its explosive energy-delivering system. Featuring ion-3 nitrate technology and arginine modified at the molecular level, Iron Pump dilates your blood channels to enable your muscles get a constant supply of energy. It is designed to reinvigorate your workouts and help you push beyond limits you never knew you could overcome.

Value of MusclePharm Iron Pump

Typical of Iron Series products, Iron Pump is priced just a tad higher than other nitric oxide products. Still, it is totally affordable as the 60 servings tub will only set you back a little under $50.

Taste and Mixability

The preworkout comes in five distinct flavors. Pineapple mango seems to be the highest rated among these. It is not what you would call sweet, but it is not hard to swallow either. One scoop mixed in 10oz of water constitutes one serving. Its miscibility properties are underwhelming. Some chalky residue is inevitable regardless of how aggressively you mix it. But this is not exactly a deal breaker.


Iron pump delivers on its promise. When taken 30 minutes prior to training, it works up a good pump and gives you the energy you need to train intensively. While tolerance levels might increase with continued use, it never fails to prep your body for a gym session. You will definitely experience the vascularity, more so in the arms. It is ideal for those who are just getting initiated into pre-workouts because it does not disappoint. The energy is not as explosive as promised, especially to a seasoned lifter, but it is sustained. Best of all, it does not leave you with a crash after.

There is a lot to like about Iron Pump. If getting into the right state of body and mind is a struggle for you, the product will bestow you with the motivation you need. The taste could be better though. It’s not a game-changing formula, but it is as good as good gets with preworkout powders.

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