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A stimulant-free energy booster and fat loss supplement

  • Excellent palatable flavor, but some might find it too sweet however.
  • A ‘sugar-rush’ feeling after your first gulp without the crash.
  • Yes noticeable fat loss but not significant enough.
  • I do notice better fat loss when I stack it with other thermogenic supplements.
  • I usually consumed the Carnitine Core directly from the small measuring cap holder and love the tingly buzz feeling from that one gulp.
  • If you however find it too sweet for your liking, try mixing it with more water.
  • You’ll likely observe progress in your fat loss quest but not as much as one would hope for.
  • To maximize your effort I recommend you stack this with other thermogenic supplements such as Hydroxycut.
  • A fat loss and energy buzz supplement that taste great and does provides results.

Duration length of product testing: 8 weeks

MusclePharm Carnitine Core

Editor’s Review

MusclePharm’s reputation precedes it. A brand that has won the trust of many athletes with its rich formulations, the company has a wide selection to choose from. One of its best grossing products is the Carnitine Core Liquid, a special formula with added Raspberry Ketones that aids in fat reduction.

The Quest for Leanness

Most gym goers find it hard to achieve that cut look. With increased caloric intake, gaining fat is rather inconsequential. MusclePharm Carnitine Core Liquid is made with the goal of helping you achieve a lean physique. By turning your body into a fat furnace, the layers of adipose tissue covering your muscles become metabolized, and the result is a more toned look.

Carnitine Core contains L-Carnitine in its naturally occurring form to boost your metabolism and help your body burn more fat. Energy is a by-product of this process and with this added reserve, you can hit the gym harder and longer. The included Raspberry Ketones work synergistically with L-Carnitine to encourage lipolysis, or the breakdown of stored body fat.

Weight loss is intrinsically difficult, given how much work goes into activating fat loss. While this supplement might not be the magic formula to help you shed the extra pounds, it does complement whatever efforts you put in. Coupled with a good diet and an intensive workout program, a shift in scale reading is guaranteed.

The absence of stimulants makes this particular product more compelling. For the active man or woman who wants more significant weight management results, Carnitine Core Liquid stands above the rest. One tablespoon 1-3 times a day is the recommended intake, based on your activity levels, or as directed by your nutritionist.

Combining Carnitine Core with other MusclePharm products such as Shred Matrix is recommended if you want to achieve maximum results.

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