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Replenish your electrolytes & build muscle at the same time

  • The taste is very unique. Either you like it or hate it. There’s no middle ground.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but prefer to take my protein and electrolytes separately. Innovative but I’m not into this combo 2-in-1 stuff.
  • The protein source it says is from milk protein, correct me if I’m wrong. I prefer isolates.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm CoCo Protein

Editor’s Review

Because active lifestyles call for a protein-rich diet, supplementation is necessary. It’s not all about meat and dairy – you can get great quality protein from unexpected sources. The easy way to supplement is to prepare protein powder drinks, but at some point everyone has enough of these smoothies. There are other, easier ways to provide more protein to your system. Protein water in this case is an excellent alternative.

The Product

CoCo Protein from MusclePharm supports the muscle building goal through delivering important quantities of good quality protein. This coconut water enhanced with protein is a natural recovery drink with no less than 20 g of protein. Thus it can cover 40% of the daily protein needs. On top of that, it’s lactose and gluten free. The drink is based on coconut water concentrate, also containing milk protein, cocoa powder and lecithin from sunflowers.


This great tasting coconut water drink is available in 12 Fl. Oz. Bottles, each priced at $3,49 – $4.99, depending on promo offers and vendors. There is also the possibility to buy a pack of 12 such bottles, at a cost of $34.97 – $49.99.

Taste and Mixability

MusclePharm created the Chocolate and Pina Colada versions of this protein-rich drink. The taste, rated highly by consumers, comes only from natural flavors. You may mix the water with fresh fruit to make a shake or smoothie, but it can be enjoyed as it is, as it’s a very convenient form to have protein on the go. In fact, this is what it was created for.


“Nature’s Recovery Drink”, as MusclePharm was inspired to call it, is a terrific blend of coconut water and protein. This is beneficial to all individuals with a very active lifestyle. It is a concoction that supports the development of lean muscle tissue through its high protein content. For this reason it is recommended to lifters and to all endurance athletes.

You get only 1 g of total fat, 5 mg of cholesterol, 6 g of carbs with each bottle. Moreover, you get electrolytes on the go, right when they are needed. Not only that it’s good for adequate hydration, but it also helps increase endurance during physical exercise and at the same time it improves recovery times. Note that the drink is rich in potassium, too (10% of the daily quantity one should consume) and low in sodium.

Consuming MusclePharm’s CoCo Protein is a very easy way to bring easily available protein into your body, right where it’s needed, to be integrated to the muscle recovery and building processes. It could even replace other protein drinks like shakes, if those are not exactly your cup of tea or you don’t have the time and tools to prepare them.

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