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Effective weight gainer but clumpy

  • There’s a milky taste to it
  • The clumps is fine by me, I just gulp it down
  • I gained muscle and lost fat while on this

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

MusclePharm Combat Black Weight Gainer

Editor’s Review

Weight gainers can be either entirely focused on protein or be a mixture of macronutrients in better ratios than you normally find in food. The product being reviewed belongs to the latter category.

The Product

Black Label Combat Gainer by Muscle Pharm helps you gain weight and build muscle more efficiently. It is conceived as a dietary supplement which is much more than a protein powder: it is a weight gainer that mixes protein with carbohydrates and good fats plus creatine and glutamine, at the same time it is having low sugar content. Its formulation is a result of thorough scientific research combined with the needs of professional bodybuilders. Besides its nutritional profile, it is also a good workout fuel, boosting one’s energy on a daily basis. All in all, the manufacturer presents it as a product that offers more of what athletes need and less of what they have to avoid.


For a container of 5 pounds, the price varies between $58 and $99, depending on current offers.

Taste and Mixability

The weight gainer has a decent flavor, enhanced by the fat content. The serving size is 4 scoops blended in water (between 12 and 16 oz). Drink this as needed throughout the day. You may also mix it with milk, to add even more calories. This version will taste better – maybe just like the popular chocolate milkshakes out there. Mix it well, as it is prone to forming clumps and sediments.


Muscle Pharm created an advanced formulation for pro athletes with a solid 1,100 calories per serving. It’s got 55 g of protein, plus healthy fats and a very useful blend of carbs. As you consume this on a regular basis, you can boost your muscle mass and deal with a lot less fat than you’d normally have to. Athletes on this supplement can replace unhealthy foods loaded with sugar or bad fats and thus avoid the buildup of adipose tissue. This translated to a more ripped look and less of an effort during the cutting time.

Generally, it is fit for an active lifestyle and nutritionally advanced, without any of the banned substances. However, its price may stop many from enjoying the benefits. Considering that a serving size is well over 200 g, the container will be shortly empty.

It might show better results if you are not exactly an advanced lifter. If you are, it will still help you put on muscle weight, but the growth may not be as visible. In any case, this will still give you plenty of energy for that day. Most complaints and poor ratings have been due to its clumping tendency, as the powder doesn’t mix too well.

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