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One of the best tasting protein bar in the supplement market

  • For me I’ll only purchase protein bar for overseas trips or when I’ll be away from the kitchen, when I’m unable to meal prep.
  • Taste great! Not bland and blocky texture as other bars. This is really a game changer.
  • Buy protein bar as a last resort only, try to prepare your meals. For what you’re paying, that amount can actually fuel you with cheaper and more quantity of prep food. Plus this has sugar in it, so those cutting on or lean bulk, have this in mind.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Combat Crunch

Editor’s Review

Sweet power snacks are in no way forbidden to athletes – in fact, it’s their composition that matters and makes them good or bad. Sweet treats for sportspeople are usually focused on delivering protein and other nutrients. While the manufacturer focuses on this aspect, the taste and texture are not so well developed. There are many protein bars to fuel athletes, but a few of these are actually flavorful and satisfying.

The Product

Combat Crunch by Muscle Pharm has put the deliciousness of a candy bar in a multi-layer sweet snack baked to perfection, to address the most serious sweet cravings. With a crunchy exterior and a chewy core, it may be hard to tell the difference between this creation and its supermarket counterparts.

With this you get protein in a quantity of 20 g extracted from soy, milk and whey protein isolates. There is also a lot of fiber and without the load of carbs you may have expected. There’s certainly no gluten, but you get chocolate chunks, vegetable oils, almonds, sugar, sucralose, salt and tapioca starches.


You can purchase Combat Crunch in boxes. There are12 bars in a box, of 63 grams each. One such whole package is available in general at prices from $26 to $41, depending on where you buy from.


Muscle Pharm has perfected the chocolate chip cookie dough. It is a natural flavoring used with these protein bars, where the vanilla and cocoa create a very rich taste. Besides, the baking method surely enhances the flavors.


It could be the richness, the taste, the softness or the amazing protein content that prompts people to give glowing reviews to Muscle Pharm’s Combat Crunch bars. You only need one such bar a day to feel the benefits and the enjoyment. These are baked protein-filled bars with a soft texture, which is a big step forward from the usual products of this kind. Also, you get none of that bland flavor. It feels like eating a soft cookie, tasty and a bit crunchy. One Combat Crunch is quite filling, it won’t leave you craving for more treats.

A single serving size can ensure about half of the fiber you need during a day. The protein quantity is also at about half of what regular people need, but if you are doing intensive training then it’s likely that you will need a lot more. Still, it’s an excellent way to cover part of your protein needs. Also, note that you have 5 grams of sugars in it and you get to benefit of an important amount of calcium, too. This a protein bar with many benefits, for sure.

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