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A wonderful creatine blend that promises results

  • Cheap affordable.
  • No mixing issues.
  • No bloating or digestion issues even with my sensitive bowels.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Musclepharm Creatine

Editor’s Review

Any serious bodybuilder will readily appreciate the importance of creatine. It is among those important supplements to have, if your end goal is to put on some lean muscle. MusclePharm’s Creatine is formulated to satisfy the needs of those lifters looking for the explosive energy that this supplement provides.

The Product

MP’s Core Series Creatine is engineered for bodybuilders who need the power and endurance to undertake high-intensity exercises like weightlifting. This complex supplement contains five diverse creatine blends that work synergistically to increase energy and power. It is designed to be rapidly absorbed to increase its delivery to the muscles.


The 300g tub yields 60 servings. Considering that it costs well under $20, the value it offers is unquestionable.

Taste/ Miscibility

MP Creatine is unflavored. While this does give you the freedom of constituting it with your favorite beverage, it does not imply that it’s undesirably bland. Overall, it is palatable even when mixed with water. As far as its mixability goes, it is not too bad. It takes a vigorous shake to achieve consistency but even then, all the clumps do not completely dissolve.


The product is pharmaceutical quality and does not require a loading phase. You can blend it with a protein supplement to constitute a pre or post-workout drink. It does not cause bloating, and neither does it encourage water retention. As far as lean muscle growth goes, the product does not disappoint. You will see some gains in strength and improvements in definition couple of weeks if you train frequently and intensely.

One scoop mixed in a beverage constitutes one serving. It is recommended that you keep your water intake regular to maximize the results you get.

MP’s Creatine is a great product for a great price. If Creatine is a must have in your supplements arsenal, this is a product you will continually depend on.

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