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Marketed as real-science-backing behind this Whey Protein Isolate Supplement

  • Zero carbs and suagr which is awesome for my goals!
  • Exciting selection of flavors.
  • After gulping this down, l had no issues with my sensitive stomach.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Hybrid Series Combat 100 Isolate

Editor’s Review

When bodybuilders are trying to increase muscle mass while avoiding fat, they need a powerful and pure protein supplementing product. Unfortunately, most such products on the market are low standard protein powder. It’s best to identify a well filtered formula, with protein content that does not get denatured in the process.

The Product

The dietary supplement produced by Muscle Pharm, Hybrid Series Combat, 100% Isolate, benefits of micro-filtration which eliminates those large molecules that the body can’t easily absorb. It’s got no more than zero carbs and fats, and this makes it a very clean formula that’s hard to match. The Muscle Pharm engineering team did its best to filter out impurities and get the Combat 100% Isolate.

Thus, this product is using isolate as a super-refined protein source. It delivers 24 g of 100% isolate protein that is very quickly released into the blood stream, to get into the muscles. This will help you handle weight lifting more efficiently and get more from your training sessions.


For 32 oz or 907 g containers, prices vary between $39 and $65 on the web. You get a total of 33 servings in one container alone so it’s a good business if you find a store that makes discounts.

Taste and Mixability

The product is blessed with an intense taste. The various flavors are enhanced when mixed with milk. The flavors used are obtained with natural ingredients but also through synthetic means.

To prepare a drink, use one scoop of 27 g and mix it with 6 to 8 fl. oz. of water, milk or juice, according to taste.


Muscle Pharm has been committed to science for athletes for years. This concoction is highly efficient, as it has no useless fillers and relies heavily on the pure protein isolate. We are talking here about protein that is still bioactive. Muscle breakdown is reduced because this nourishment gets so quickly right where it is needed. It shortens recovery times when consumed regularly.

The bad things in the original ingredients were removed through scientific methods to reach the desired purity level. The engineering makes amino acids more easily available for muscle growth. Consuming this powder in drinks leads to a high concentration of these amino acids in the blood stream, which stimulates the muscular processes of recovery and growth.

There is absolutely no fat in it, so have no concerns when you are cutting. Also, there’s no cholesterol and only a tiny bit of sodium, but you get a significant content of Potassium and Calcium. As for the calorie count, you get 100 calories per serving.

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