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High quality beautiful looking shades that won’t break the bank

  • It fits well on me, even with a pudgy Asian nose.
  • Love this sunglasses, I look awesome wearing it IMO, LOL.
  • You can’t beat the price, cheap!

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MusclePharm Sunglasses

Editor’s Review

It is like supplement manufacturers to offer something more than just supplements. In the business of growing a brand, being multifaceted is a very desirable advantage. It’s something MusclePharm clearly understands seeing how it has its foot well planted in the accessories department. One of its lesser known offerings is sunglasses.

The Product

MusclePharm sunglasses are just what you would expect- a pair of sunglasses made by the company. There is nothing glorious or other-worldly about them. But there is something relatable. Unlike other luxury brands that are so popular in the market, MusclePharm’s sunglasses are familiar. They come from a company that you have possibly built a relationship with courtesy of its products. It is this sense of familiarity that makes them uniquely compelling.

MusclePharm’s sunglasses are more than just a simple accessory. They are designed to offer you UV protection. Our sun might shine bright and bring us warmth, but it’s a harsh mistress when you spend too much time outside without any kind of protection. MusclePharm’s product will protect your peepers, allowing you to spend as many hours as you wish outside without compromising your visual abilities.

The sunglasses are stunningly designed. Once you pick a pair that complements your face, you can step out in style knowing that you do look good. They are affordable too, with a typical black pair retailing for $25 or thereabout. The bold MusclePharm insignia imprinted so boldly on the frames in that readily recognizable shade of green will let everyone know that you take your brand loyalty seriously.

So whether you are looking to do some daytime cardio in the great outdoors or simply want to step out in style, MusclePharm sunglasses will not let you down. The construction is sturdy, so the pair will hardly break if you are careful with it.

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