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Lean gaining mass gainer for adding size

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Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MuscleTech Premium Mass Gainer

Editor’s Review

Putting on new muscle mass is easier said than done. The synergistic effect of a quick metabolism and ectomorphic genetics makes it incredibly hard to pack on new muscle. In such a case, mindless caloric indulgence might not get you to where you want to go. A mass gaining supplement might.

The Product

MuscleTech understands the plea of hardgainers and offers its 100% Premium Mass Gainer as the solution. This mass building formula is compounded with all the right nutrients to make it easier to grow bigger and stronger. Offering an ample 1270 calories per serving, this supplement makes it easier to hit that caloric surplus. These are not just empty calories though. You get 50g of protein, 261g of carbohydrates and a wide array of minerals and vitamins to help you with your goals.


The mass gainer is rightly priced. The 5.4kg tub retails for a little over $50. This only rounds off to about 16 servings if calculated as 335g per serving. Mass gains with that first container are all but guaranteed. If you only take the supplement on your training days, the tub should take you through a whole month.


100% Premium Mass Gainer is very playful on the palate. The chocolate flavor is especially delectable, as are the vanilla and strawberry flavors. It mixes easily with water or skim milk, and will not leave any residues behind, even when mixed in a shaker.


The opinion amongst users is unanimous- MuscleTech’s formula will help you gain weight. How much weight you gain is rather subjective, since factors such as training frequency and efficiency come into play, but you will pack on a few pounds regardless.

For those looking for a quality mass gaining formula, there is a lot to like in 100% Premium Mass Gainer. It mixes well, tastes great, and helps you chart your way to new physique territories. What more could a bodybuilder ask for?

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