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Amino supplement that builds

  • I like the packaging!
  • Taste like any other watermelon flavored BCAA supplements out there.
  • I had good gains while using this

Duration length of product testing: 6 weeks

MuscleTech Amino Build Next Gen Energized

Editor’s Review

The market for amino acid supplements is a big one now, and every major player in the industry wants representation. For MuscleTech, their entry into this particular niche of the market is with Amino Acid Next Gen. Marketed as a performance enhancing BCAA formula, this supplement is designed with science in mind. Having undergone clinical trials to verify its effectiveness, it is one of the performance formulas that MuscleTech is proud to call theirs.

The Product

This is basically a muscle building supplement that is heavy on the BCAAs. But this formula is bettered to feature micronized BCAAs, betaine, cell volumizers, coconut juice, and in this particular product, watermelon juice. Among its other ingredients, L-leucine and taurine are worthy of mention. All these work in sync to replenish your electrolytes, aide in recovery, and give you a performance boost when you are deep in your workout.

Flavors, Mixability

Amino Build Next Gen is available in a variety of flavors, including fruit punch, icy rocket freeze, watermelon, and white raspberry. The recommendation is to mix 1 scoop with water, but most users suggest using two to get the full effects of the product. The container has around 30 servings, which should last you a month if you have an intermittent workout schedule. The supplement mixes easily with water, though a vigorous shake is required to achieve complete miscibility. Some users report that it leaves a film on top if allowed to sit, meaning you have to shake it prior to consuming it. This is not exactly a deterrent and neither it is off-putting as we subconsciously do that anyways with any shake.

The flavors are strong, but in a good way. This watermelon variant doesn’t feel artificial, and is delectable. The Icy rocket freeze flavor has a convincing popsicle taste. Flavor wise, you cannot go wrong with any of the options.


MuscleTech is quick to announce the clinical study that followed this formulation. The claim that the study subjects involved in the study gained 3.75lbs of muscle in 6 weeks is not improbable, but there are some variables that were probably in play, such as strict workouts and diet plans. Truth is, this is a subjective study. That does not imply that the product is ineffective. If paired with an intensive workout, it should help with some noticeable lean muscle gains, especially with its laudable BCAA formula.

There are many energized performance supplements currently available. MuscleTech, riding on its solid reputation and global popularity, is probably one to check out, with this next generation supplement. With its great taste and muscle building formula, it could be the only performance product you’ll ever need.

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