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A creatine supplement that promises 2x the potency

  • Firstly the taste is overpowering. Damn! Those who don’t like the sour taste, avoid this.
  • No cramping, stomach issues when I’m on this. No bloating too. Works good.
  • Mixes well and I saw gains.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MuscleTech CreaCore Double Strength Concentrated Creatine

Editor’s Review

Usually found in meat, creatine is a dietary compound which resembles protein. Supplementation is very important to the muscles because the body does not create this substance on its own, it can only take it from one’s diet. Knowing this, it’s easier to understand why there are so many creatine supplements on the market and why bodybuilders are raving for these.

All in all, taking creatine makes your gym workouts a lot more rewarding. Now, there’s even a double-strength version to make it even better for the hard-working weight lifters.

The Product

CreaCore is a double-strength concentrated creatine – a researched formula created by Muscletech, with no less than 1750 mg of 3.5 Creatine HCI in a scoop, double the usual amount. Besides, it contains fenugreek extract, which influences the way creatine is absorbed and used. This highly concentrated dietary supplement is recommended for muscle development and for improved strength.


One container provides 80 doses of great concentration for maximum benefits. The total quantity is of 9.81 oz, the equivalent of 278 g, which costs $23 when reduced, usually being priced at $45 – $46.

Taste and Mixability

CreaCore now comes with Lemon Lime flavor, which is different than its former one. The current taste seems to be a real improvement.
You can take two scoops and mix with 12 to 16 oz of water. You may also take just one scoop in half of the quantity of water. Drink the mixture right after you’ve finished your training.


Creatine powder is usually taken in very small doses, several times a day. With this one, you can get a much more powerful dose at once. Two scoops are enough to deliver what is needed. Besides, it’s great to know that you now have so much more in a bottle. CreaCore from Muscletech indeed means value.

The supplement increases the muscle growth rate as well as the muscular strength. Creatine, in combination with fenugreek extract, is more potent and studies have shown that people no longer need extra carbs to fuel their workouts. The quality of their training went up while taking this formulation, as they were able to do more reps. What the fenugreek actually does is that it increases the creatine uptake.

If you are new to this, better start taking small doses at first. Only one scoop a day should work fine. As you begin to experience its effects, you may decide whether you are going to take two scoops or not. The taste is nice and refreshing, so that shouldn’t be an issue. Mix with water because other liquids are not as suitable. Also, remember that creatine requires you to drink plenty of water and stay properly hydrated.

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