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Best used for overnight muscle growth and repair

  • The taste could be better, still chalky like most casein out there
  • Slight indigestion when I was on this, nothing too bad
  • Look for discounts when you buy this!

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Muscletech, Nitro Tech Casein Gold

Editor’s Review

America’s best selling sports supplements brand, Muscletech, has won numerous awards for its remarkable supplements and therefore anything it releases is immediately in the public eye. Muscletech already has 20 years of research and development, has produced reliable, even legendary supplements for athletes and especially for bodybuilders.

The Product

Nitro Tech Casein Gold is part of the Performance Series and it delivers top quality cold-processed, micro-filtered protein for maximized absorption and prolonged efficiency. It’s got 25 g protein, plus 10 g BCAAs, plus Glutamine and precursors, along with a good dose of calcium – more than half of one’s daily needs per serving. This is a slow-release formulation to keep your protein requirements in check for a longer time. It uses casein from multiple sources. The most attractive part about this product is that scientific studies claim that the amino acids in it are still active in the bloodstream even 8 hours after ingestion.


One Nitro Tech Casein Gold container costs between SG$44 and SG$82 and weighs 1.15 kg or 2.53 lbs, which is enough for about 36 servings. Now, you can enjoy a 25% bonus if you order it online.

Taste and Mixability

The protein powder has a texture that allows it to blend well in 8-10 oz of water or skim milk. Serving size is one scoop. Considering the flavor, MuscleTech is a brand renowned for the good taste of its products, frequently awarded for this achievement. It is flavored both naturally and artificially.


Nitro Tech Casein Gold is a great product for superior protein synthesis and muscle growth. It’s got slowly absorbed protein, including micellar casein of very high quality. It is an anabolic formulation ideal for muscle building. Your body is able to build muscle during many hours, not being depleted of the amino acids it needs. Have no worries, as the supplement is free from fillers and from any banned or controversial substances. It won’t get you fat either since there are only 110 calories per serving. There’s a low content of fat and high content of protein and BCAAs for powerful muscle performance and recovery. You can drink it at night time to enjoy the benefits of your sleep, too. Otherwise, taking it between your main meals is good enough of a strategy. Additionally, it’s a great supplement if you are intolerant to gluten. All in all, if you are serious about your lean gains and you put your body through great stress because of lifting, you will find this product to be an ideal ally. It is excellent in terms of protein supplementation and covers your needs around the clock.

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