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Great product on paper nutritionally but it tastes darn awful

  • Oh my, one of the worst tasting supplements I’ve ever tasted
  • I tried my best consuming this for 1 week, usually, I would try the supp for 1 month, but I gave up after 7 days
  • As much a great product this is, it is not sustainable as I felt like puking after drinking this

Duration length of product testing: 1 week

MuscleTech Performance Series All-In-One Whey Greens

Editor’s Review

With so many protein powders on the market, it’s easy to get confused. The first thing you need to know is what else your diet and training regimen require from you in terms of nutrition. Some protein products are loaded with BCAAs, others are packed with stimulants or energizers. Muscletech went far down the road and came up with a rich, complex supplement that can successfully replace a whole lot of other dietary products for health and performance.

The Product

All-In-One Whey + Greens is part of the brand’s Performance Series, a line dedicated to hardworking athletes and fitness buffs who ask more of themselves. It is a dietary supplement that’s based on 100% whey protein with the added power of fiber, vitamins, omega acids, and probiotics – a whole mix that simply makes this a “several-supplements-into-one” product. The 25 g protein comes from whey isolate and peptides. In addition to this, you get 1 g of omega-3s, 20 vitamins, and minerals, plus one billion healthy bacteria for the gut. Therefore, it’s a formula of great complexity and with numerous benefits, making other health supplements unnecessary.


Depending on when and where you buy it from, 2 lb or 900 g of product (one container) cost between SG$43 and SG$82. There are 20-21 servings per such package.

Taste and Mixability

To make a protein-filled smoothie, mix a single scoop with 8 oz of cold liquid – you can use water, but it’s certainly best with milk or similar beverages. All-In-One Whey + Greens do have the green vegetable flavor aftertaste; While it tastes like milk chocolate it also has a mild veggie taste to it, the stevia extract failed to mask it. It is 100% naturally flavored.


All-In-One Whey + Greens by Muscletech is more of a nutritive smoothie than a protein shake. A look at the nutrient list will reveal dozens of potent and very important compounds to boost one’s health in so many ways. It is so rich and diverse that it can be considered a meal. The calorie count is 170 calories. One serving of the product delivers 5 g fiber and the equivalent of 6 servings of greens, due to its extracts being so concentrated. The protein content is due to the hydrolyzed peptides from whey that helps build muscular mass when exercising regularly. The formulation also has both soluble and insoluble fibers, fatty acids obtained from flax seed and it has a concentrated veggie cocktail, with spinach, broccoli and kale extracts, plus cocoa powder. Its content of protein is enough to cover 50% of the average person’s needs for one day. The generous amount of fiber, fats, vitamins (A, C, D, E, K plus B vitamins), Calcium, Iodine, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, and Chromium, with some of these even exceeding the known recommendations, renders multi-mineral supplements unnecessary.

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