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Pack on lean muscle with this quality protein supp

  • The taste wasn’t too bad.
  • Carbs content level not to my liking. Not ideal for those cutting.
  • Mixability could be better.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MuscleTech Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Plus Elite Series

Editor’s Review

When you want to maximize your bodybuilding efforts without exhausting your body, a superior protein blend can help you achieve your goals. MuscleTech defines the bodybuilding supplements brand that sells best in America. It has been around for 20 years, a time during which it has proven its excellence through its formulations based on university research. Now, it’s delivering more and better protein than it used to.

The Product

The Six Star Whey Protein Plus dietary supplements a strength builder that enhances muscular mass. With a content of 24 g of BCAAs and 9 g total carbohydrates per serving, it makes for a balanced addition. It’s been advertized as 70% better than regular whey and they say this was scientifically proven. The formula is enhanced with Leucine, Glutamine and precursor (creatine monohydrate – 2.5 g), is low in fat but rich in Sodium, Iron and Calcium.


Six Star Whey Protein Plus can be purchased for under $30 and is even reaching a discounted price of $23. It may be, however, one of the more expensive supplements, but the price is justified by the enhanced, more potent formula. One scoop weights 51 g and you have approximately 18 servings per container. This is a compact bottle which is better than the previous packaging for the MuscleTech products. To get the complete boost, have 60 g of ultra-pure protein in each serving of 2 scoops.


Mix 2 scoops for a good serving, but 1 works fine, too. You may blend the powder with fruit and juice, with ice, peanut butter and anything you consider appropriate and delicious in a smoothie. It mixes instantly and its fine structure makes it easy not only to blend but also to absorb. Another good thing, its sweetness doesn’t come from aspartame so you don’t have to fear it.

MuscleTech has been awarded for the taste of its supplements and they didn’t go wrong with this one either. The American Masters of Taste have greatly appreciated its cocoa-dominated flavor, which is now setting MuscleTech apart from the other brands.


Whey Protein Plus features ultra-pure protein. This is not just concentrated whey protein, but also creatine, thus making a blend that is more powerful for building muscle. With 180 calories per serving and a balanced yet powerful nutrient profile, it will help you enjoy better workouts and a shorter recovery time. It is ideal for improving performance – it can boost weight training results with 70%, as shown by the studies. If you are worried about the ingredients within, worry no more: this one has none of the banned substances, which makes it totally safe for athletes to consume it.

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