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A foam roller to target your thoracic and lumbar alignment

  • It hits just the right spot on my spine, instant tension release
  • Do not be taken aback by the price tag, it’s a worthwhile investment!
  • Despite its multipurpose use, it’s fairly difficult to target a specific knot spot compared to a trigger ball. I usually moved to TP ball after using the MuuvSport foam roller.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

MuuvSport Stealth Align Foam Roller

Editor’s Review

Rollers are being frequently used for increased blood flow in the body, and the MuuvSport model is no exception. Besides this, it can surely eliminate muscular tension, thus diminishing the risk of injuries. Therefore, it’s one of the essential pieces of equipment to be owned by athletes, bodybuilders and all fitness enthusiasts. There are certain features that are exclusive to this product, so let’s dedicate a full review to it.


Without a doubt, this model is a stunner. The MuuvSport Stealth Align Foam Roller has the aspect of an ancient or medieval weapon, with diamond embellishments and an aged metallic finish. The design is surely a hit, it’s got raised patterns on both wheels at its center and the body of the roller is slightly curved both ways. The concept makes a lot of adjustments possible. For example, you can modify the gap between the wheels so that it matches the spine width when rolled on the back.

The roller has a circumference of 8 inches and has angled sides, which ensure true balance. Due to its size, it can work in long motions. Thus foam roller is designed in such a way that it manages to provide relief through applying a deeper pressure.


With the patented ‘Stealth Align’, the MuuvSport roller improves the spine alignment and leads to a better posture that becomes easier to maintain. The first effects are felt in the back area, definitely. The device is quick to provide relief and to dispel tension, easing pain and stiffness. It works best on the spine, the calves’ muscles and on each side of the back separately. It can even be used to perform abdominal crunches and other exercises for strength. All in all it feels really good to work with and it surely allows for creative training. Should one lack the inspiration, the manufacturer’s website provides some videos with interesting ideas on how to use such rollers.


For an innovative and high-quality foam roller like this, the $44.95 price seems a good one. Also, the unusual and admirable appearance should be counted.

The design is the main strength of this roller, but it’s not simply about how it looks. The angles, the weight, the patterned elements are all important and make it a leading device in its range. It’s an affordable piece of equipment that can be used in creative ways, enjoying a whole series of benefits. This could work well even if you are not too keen on hard training but just interested in maintaining a good health and mobility. The Stealth Align technology will surprise you and take your workout sessions to a superior level.

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