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Extra strength anti-oxidant supplement

  • I found a renewed amount of energy when I was on this.
  • Maybe it was just me, but I lost weight taking this supp.
  • I recommend such anti-oxidant supplement. Have a peace of mind to know you body has less of the damaging & toxic free radicals.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Natrol AcaiBerry Extra Strength 1200mg

Editor’s Review

Anti-oxidants are present in a number of green foods and fruits, but some have a negligible content while others are true wonders. Such is the case with dark colored berries and their rich nutrition is backed by research. A powerhouse in this case is the Acai berry. Because Acai fruits are not easy to find in fresh form, it is important to take a supplement to benefit of their intact goodness. Natrol tried to outdo other brands and came up with a better supplement based on it.

The Product

AcaiBerry, The Ultimate Superfruit Extra Strength by Natrol packs 1,200 mg of extract, which means a greater potency for each capsule. These use extracts from the Acai berry, which is known as a powerful antioxidant, its potency now proven by new measurements, like the ORAC. The harvesting techniques are friendly to the environment (the Amazonian rainforest). The berry fights the oxidation processes within the body, which lead to aging and to disease. No synthetic solvents were used to obtain the nutrients from the fruit. The process is based on water, which does not destroy the active agents. It is a product that contains no allergens, no sugar and no additives, preservatives or synthetic compounds that may cause harm.


Buy 60 veggie caps for about SG$21, but discounts bring the price down to SG$13.

Taste and Directions

The ideal dose is of two capsules per day. Take both with food, for proper absorption. The supplement has the specific concentrated Acai taste. This resembles raspberry and blueberry, but also has something dark or bitter to it, like cocoa.


Acai is no novelty to the world of natural supplements for health. It is an anti-oxidative fruit that comes from a species of palm trees and not from bushes. Its color is dark purple – a well-known sign of a high content of very specific nutrients in fruits and vegetables (think of blueberries and blackberries for example).

The Acai berry delivers great nutritious components and also has an anti-oxidant effect, thus fighting and eliminating the free radicals within the body. Each serving benefits of 4:1 Acai extract. Take this daily to look and feel healthier and younger; it will have a positive effect on eye health and can help with depressive moods, too. Acai berries are superior to blueberries in terms of anti-oxidant effects.

Remember that it is important to store these capsules as the manufacturer recommends, to preserve their freshness. Also, you may want to see healthcare practitioners and discuss your needs before committing to this supplement. You may be already taking a formulation that contains anti-oxidants. In this case, you will want to review your supplement habits and perhaps make some changes.

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