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Gain mass by using this weight gainer

  • The taste kinda reminds me of the old whey protein back in the 2000’s… very bland.
  • My sensitive stomach has no issue with this supplement. Bowel was good, all good.
  • Yes I gained weight, but I recommend you couple this supp with good nutrition too please.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix

Editor’s Review

For those of you who feel that drinks are the most convenient way to supply the body with extra nutrients, there is a wide selection of potions, powders, sports drinks and so on to satisfy every taste. For intense nutrition that leads to muscle gain, one may try Naturade’s solution.

The Product

Naturade Weight Gain Instant Nutrition Drink Mix, the Vity Awards winner in 2014 and distinguished with many other awards, is a must-try for bodybuilders. This could be the ultimate formula for weight gain and it should be seen as food and not as a dietary supplement. This safe, steroid-free powder is made with whey, powdered sunflower oil, and protein from soy, egg and fiber from peas. Besides the nutrition, it’s got enzymes to enhance absorption and a range of important amino acids to feed the muscles.


Naturade’s weight gain drink is found with price tags between $14 and $19. The original quantity was with 20% less, but the current offer gives you more: 576 g of powder, which may seem like a generous quantity; it is only sufficient for only 12 servings, however. It is worth it though, because of the very high calorie count (equals a few meals).

Taste and Mixability

The vanilla flavor in it is based on a natural aroma and sweetener, without any trace of sugar.

To prepare a power drink, mix one scoop with a glass of whole milk. In a day, consume 4 scoops. Two such drinks a day can give you a stunning total of 1600 extra calories. You may mix it with water too, in case you must avoid fat. Replacing milk with yoghurt is excellent. Adding fruit is yet another great way to enjoy this.


Even if you don’t mix it with whole milk, you have a powder that’s dense in nutrients and packed with calories. It’s best to take the serving recommendation though. In addition, this is so convenient because you can have one such drink twice a day and boost your calorie count tremendously with a very simple gesture.

There is more to it than calories and nourishment. The enzymatic content helps the body absorb all these nutrients and makes them ready to be metabolized. The formula is rich in sodium, calcium and potassium, but also in saturated fat. Therefore, if that is a red flag to you, better avoid this or limit the intake.

Naturade also adds many of the needed amino acids for muscle building, so now you can have the complete picture. It’s important to drink this before noon. In any case, make sure it’s prior to exercising. The first serving should be early. As for the second, have it one hour before your bed time.

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