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This whey isolate walks the talk, it’s darn pure quality

  • One of my top Whey Isolate choices out there
  • The downside, it has a premium price on it. You got to pay if you want a quality protein
  • I have good gains and no stomach issues using this

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Nature's Best Isopure Low Carb Protein

Editor’s Review

Concentration and purity are two of the most important aspects when it comes to high-quality protein supplements. To make drinks that really help you meet your goals, you need powders that deliver enough protein that’s easy to absorb and no fillers or fattening ingredients along with these.

The Product

Nature’s Best IsoPure Low Carb Protein is exactly what it suggests: a protein-rich protein powder with low carb content and close to no fillers. It is made with 100% whey protein isolate and has no gluten, lactose or aspartame. The dose required may be one of the biggest, but one serving supplies with 50 grams of protein, which is quite impressive. You also get 4.6 grams of L-Glutamine per serving and almost 11 grams of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). In addition, it blends a number of vitamins and minerals. This is a supplement made for the most committed, hard training bodybuilders who do the needed work in order to have impressive gains.


Buy Nature’s Best product for muscle mass at prices ranging between SG$27 and SG$34 for a quantity of 1 lb or almost 500 grams of powder. What is rather disappointing is that you only get 7-8 servings per package and so you’ll need to renew the stock very quickly. It’s one of the supplements that are quickest to finish but it’s worth to try protein supplementation at this amazing level.

Taste and Mixability

Serve 2 scoops (they weight 65 grams) in a big glass of water (12 fl oz) or milk and enjoy a thick, rich shake. You may mix it with a spoon if you have no shaker or blender. The powder blends well and you won’t be feeling any residue or coarseness when drinking it. Its chocolate taste comes with a twist – it’s actually called Dutch Chocolate and is obtained with natural, as well as with some artificial flavorings.


Nature’s Best IsoPure Low Carb Protein allows you to prepare a protein-packed and nutrient-rich drink to cover your training and recovery needs. With 220 calories per serving, it can be more fattening than other similar products though. For example, there are protein powders with only about 150 calories per serving. Still, you only get 3 grams of carbs with one of these big servings, which is pretty good. What’s most important is that you will enjoy 50 grams of protein coming only from whey isolate – this means you get the nutrition you can count on. The muscles will have everything they need in order to make adequate repairs and grow stronger and bigger than before.

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