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Cover your micronutrient needs with this multivit

  • I won’t rave about the taste. It’s edible all I can say.
  • Does its job, delivers the much needed vitamins and minerals that I need.
  • I just don’t look forward to taking this multi-vitamin as other brands. No appeal to it. Mainly because of its taste.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Nature's Way Alive! Men's Vitamins

Editor’s Review

Much is understood about vitamins when it comes to their nutritional role. Most of these organic compounds cannot be synthesized by the body, and thus, must be supplied through diet. They support normal growth and development from conception to adulthood and after, and their absence, in the most trivial amounts, can have some serious consequences. Humans, being more complex, have very diverse vitamin needs. To ensure that these needs are met, we have turned to supplementation.

The product

Nature’s Way has responded in kind to this growing need to supplement with Alive! Men’s Vitamins. It is one of the many products the company manufactures, and it is designed to meet the needs of the health conscious man who wishes to ensure there are no gaps in their diets. It is formulated from 26 fruits and vegetables to ensure that the most essential vitamins are supplied.


The product is hypoallergenic as it contains no gluten, gelatin, yeast, wheat, dairy, eggs or peanuts. A lot of thought and science has gone into its formulation. This is seen in its array of ingredients used, as well as the flavors which are based on natural fruits only. For easy ingestion, supplements are provided as chewable gummies, as it is conventional. Each gummy is made with pectin, which gives them the gel-like property. The taste is likeable, regardless of the particular flavor, as it is sweetened with organic tapioca. Most users note that the great taste is one of the key selling points.


One of the properties that makes Alive! Men’s Vitamins ideal for a man is its prostate support. While it does not forestall any prostate problems in cases where there is genetic, or some other kind of predisposition, it does offer the building blocks to keep the organ healthy for as long as possible. As far as the ingredients go, the product contains the entire complex of B vitamins which play the most diverse roles in the body.

Vitamins for All

Alive! Men’s Vitamins are not designed for those suffering nutritional deficiencies per se. If anything, it can be taken by any man, healthy or otherwise. Because of the varied biochemical functions vitamins play in the body, it is important to ensure that there is a steady supply. Active individuals particularly stand to benefit from the supplementation, more so because of its fully vitamin B-complex which plays an essential role in metabolism.

The indication is to chew 3 gummies daily.  Each container contains a serving of 25 of these. If you notice any color changes in the gummies, it does not imply that they have deteriorated. It is simply a consequence of using natural colors, and does not in any way, reduce or alter the efficacy of the product.

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