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Pop this 3x daily to meet your daily vitamins needs, easy!

  • It taste and look like real gummies!
  • After eating it, it won’t leave any lingering taste. Excellent texture.
  • One of those supplements you can’t see the effectiveness. Gotta have faith it works. Personally I felt an improvement overall health when I’m on this supp.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Nature Way Alive Multi Vitamin Adult Gummies

Editor’s Review

One of the biggest challenges of vitamin supplementation is choosing a reliable brand, a formulation that encompasses a great number of vitamins and ideal quantities of each. Also, a good price makes a huge difference, too. With Nature’s Way it seems that we have a product to satisfy all these demands, so it’s surely worth a try. It could well be the ideal vitamin supplement – or very close to it.

The Product

Alive! Multi-Vitamin Adult Gummies from Nature’s Way are easy to consume vitamins of great potency, ensuring 100% and even more of the daily recommended dose. This dietary supplement is counting as total of 26 fruits and vegetables of great importance in human nutrition. Besides that, it is enriched with the entire B-Complex, as well as with vitamins C and D, which are needed in greater quantities within the body. In addition, Alive! Multi-vitamins are providing the ideal quantities of Biotin, Iodine and Panthotenic Acid, with an important amount of Zinc. All of these come from organic, natural ingredients blended together.


Now, you can buy a container for $12.59, discounted from the regular price of $20. For this affordable price you get 90 gummies, but please bear in mind that this means 30 servings, because you have to take 3 gummies daily.


While the smell may not be anything special, the taste is unique and pleasant. You get three different fruit flavors: orange, cherry and grape. These are natural fruit flavors, with cane juice and organic tapioca added for sweetness. Also, the coloring comes from natural sources.


Nature’s Way Alive! Multi-Vitamin gummies for adults represent a more pleasant way to get the daily dose of vitamins. It does work for adults, in spite of the form that reminds of vitamins for children. To name some of the fruits and vegetables that provided the extracts for this product, we mention strawberry, pear, plum, apple, apricot, pomegranate, papaya, beet, cucumber, cabbage, asparagus and spinach. Each gummy comes also with Acai extract and generous quantities of the vitamins B, as well as A, C and D3 added on top of all ingredients. This is a high quality supplement, manufactured without any gelatin or gluten and kept away from the major allergens.

Do not worry about the sweetness. All in all, a daily serving of 3 gummies has only 25 calories, with very few carbs and sugars. This will not jeopardize any slimming diet. The product may happen to change color with time, but this doesn’t mean it’s altered. The ingredients are just as potent as long

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