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Reduce the risk of heart disease with this excellent Omega-3 supplement

  • No fishy after taste.
  • This I find has a better absorption than other Fish Oil supps I’ve taken.
  • Easy to swallow and my blood work improved.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Natures Way Fisol Enteric-Coated Fish Oil

Editor’s Review

The benefits of fish oil supplements are no secret, as these have been tested and marketed for a long time already. The challenge is to find concentrated oils to deliver optimal quantities of Omega fatty acids and have no side effects like an upset stomach or a bad breath. It seems that Nature’s Way has paid attention to these important aspects.

The Product

Nature’s Way Fisol with 50% EPA/DHA is a fish oil supplement for cardiovascular health, also beneficial to joints. It contains highly concentrated fish oil which is backed by supportive research. This tells it could reduce the risk of developing coronary disease. With Fisol you get 250 g of Omega-3 fatty acid with EPA/DHA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid). Moreover, it is fish oil coming from a sustainable source.

Fisol with “Enteric-Coated Fish Oil” relies on molecularly distilled oils of superior quality from cod, pollock and whiting, all from Alaska waters, known for their purity. The formula has no artificial flavors or colors and is also free of sugar, sodium, gluten, wheat, yeast and lactose. However, the most important part is that these oils have been tested for heavy metals like mercury and none were found.


You get 45 clear-coat softgels (gelatin capsules) per container. It’s up to you how long these last, as you could be taking 1-3 servings a day, depending on the situation. One such container usually costs $9-$10, but you can have it discounted at $5.


Take one softgel at once, with water. Depending on your needs or ailments, you may take two of these each day or even three, but never more than three. It is efficient with meals, as well as on an empty stomach.


Although Omega-3 fatty acids are found in various foods, vegetable ones included, fish still remains the main source for extraction. The quality of these compounds depends on the fish type and on its environment and diet. Nature’s Way has been careful with these aspects and has created a supplement you can trust. This manages to improve the blood triglyceride levels and doesn’t cause any digestive discomfort, like other such capsules sometimes happen to do.

The formulation allows for an easy digestion and the consumer doesn’t get a fish-smelling breath. Even though it contains oil, a sotfgel has only 5 calories. The total fat is set at 0.5 g. In other words, you get 500 mg high quality fish oil in every softgel.

There are hardly any warnings with Fisoil. All ingredients are harmless, but you have to pay attention to one of them. The supplement contains soybean oil, so this should come as a warning to individuals who’ve had allergic reactions to soy.

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