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Durable, tough and does its job, safe-guarding your wrist

  • Feels like an armour when I put this on.
  • It can really secure my wrist tight. I would maybe use around 70% of my effort to tighten it. Anything more, it hurts. Goes to show how secure this wrist wrap is.
  • Doesn’t feel uncomfortable when I use it. Works seamlessly on all my various workouts requiring wrist support.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Next Level Powerlifting Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps

Editor’s Review

Lifting puts a huge pressure on your wrist and, while you may not feel its damaging effects from the beginning, you will feel them later, as you begin to increase your training weights. Like muscles, joints can heal too, but once they’re damaged you cannot carry on your workouts and just have to wait. By wearing wrist wraps, you get the help you need. These make sure the joints don’t get overworked or misaligned and, when injured, allow the bones and ligaments to stay in place, thus rendering them more capable to move as you want them to.

The Product

The Next Level Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps were created for powerlifting. They offer adequate support and good compression to key bodily areas like wrists. Such wraps aim to be highly versatile. A top feature is that they are very elastic, made of a material with a lot of stretch to it, which is at the same time highly resistant. In addition, you don’t have to take them off completely when you need to let them loose to allow proper blood circulation. Powerlifting champions have chosen Next Level wraps and made them their number one choice.


The wrist wraps are sold in pairs, one such pair being priced at $42.50. These are among the cheapest in the Next Level store, with other models being priced around $70. They are not the cheapest ones, either. These items can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website and will be shipped internationally. The payment method is Paypal.


The Heavy Duty Wrist Wraps have a thumb loop that will allow you to use these accessories in many situations. The best about them is that they make the joints truly stable, reducing drastically the risk of injury. Wrap one around your joint especially when you have pain in that area and your workouts are good to go.

It is advised to loosen up these wraps in between sets, so the blood circulation is allowed to be in normal parameters. The dimensions make these more suitable for males (large ones especially) than for females.

These Next Level accessories can be used when performing many different exercises. You won’t be spraining your wrists because they are kept in perfect alignment and you can rely on the material and the secure grip. If you are getting serious about your lifting efforts, then you should consider adequate protection.

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