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Great looking racer but has slight design drawback

  • The width of this shoe is much smaller than most shoes I’ve used
  • Due to the above, I recommend you to choose one size your normal sizing
  • The shoe is also very rigid, takes a long time to ‘soften’

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Nike Air Pegasus New Racer

Editor’s Review

Wearing adequate running shoes is essential. Your joints may be taking damage long before you realize it. Not only these, but also the skeletal structure of your feet may suffer modifications, because running is a sport with an impact on the body. To protect yourself from all the possible risks, you have to wear a good pair of sports shoes, designed for this specific activity. If you choose a good brand, you may even find a pair that works well off-track or whenever you’re out and about, not just when running. You may be looking for what Nike has to offer.

The Product

Nike Air Pegasus New Racer represent the kind of running shoes that have always been classic and will stay so. These are so versatile that you can definitely consider them more than sports shoes made for your training sessions. Plus, they are available in many color combinations to suit anyone’s style. You will find them with leather and synthetic exteriors, but also made in suede, for a more special look. The heel and the tongue present an embroidered brand. The soles are made of patented rubber. The shoes are suitable for cardio sports like jogging and running, but also extremely beneficial to those who work standing, or who walk a lot on a daily basis.


Air Pegasus New Racer is the updated 1991 Pegasus Racer, as the brand’s fans can notice. A pair of Nikes of this kind has a variable price, which is usually between approximately $60 and $100 online.


There is much to be said about Nike’s Air Pegasus New Racer. It’s a good type of shoe to manage moisture and has a bit of a retro look to it. It will work on any terrain and absorb shocks very well. Still, it’s not the most comfortable one from this popular manufacturer. Luckily, Nike turned this model into sport shoes that can be worn in a range of casual situations, too. It is because they resemble many of the comfortable shoes we wear in the street, not only at the gym. There is no typical “gym look” with these shoes. The red suede and white combination is particularly stylish and attractive.

The verdict

It’s a pair that can make you feel rested after a long time of standing on your feet, if not the entire day. It may have a downside, though. The toe area is not exactly spacious so it may not accommodate large toes. That could be a serious hindrance to some. Otherwise, the Air Pegasus New Racer shoes, are most likely a pair of Nikes you will fall in love with. Buying a bigger size should solve the mentioned issue.

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