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Comfortable trainers even for your most intense training

  • Slips on and off my feet easily. Really comfortable wear.
  • I wouldn’t recommend this for trail running. It gets too dirty easily.
  • Perfect for gym settings and performance training doing intervals, pushing prowlers and such.

Duration length of product testing: 2 weeks

Nike Lunarglide 7

Editor’s Review

For those with a most active lifestyle, finding the right pair of sports shoes can be a big challenge. Even the Nike range can be confusing with all the options involved. Thus, it can be hard to find a pair of running shoes with a construction that pays attention to the front of the shoe, to accommodate the toes, as well as to the mid sole (where adequate support is needed) and to the heel area.

The Product

The Lunarglide 7 running shoes for either men or women stand out through their compact and smooth lines. These come in several color combinations and have an airy aspect thanks to the top materials, which are synthetic. The sole is made of rubber and there are no additional layers to these shoes – only the absolute basics.

Nike has used engineered mesh and soft foam to create a most comfortable experience and avoid any issues when running. The shoes are made for walking and running, but are also suitable in a gym environment. They are light and well cushioned, without the usual bulkiness you may find with this type of shoe.


Given the Nike quality, one can expect hefty prices. There are, however, some spectacular variations in this case, as you may notice online. The smallest prices for a Lunarglide 7 pair are usually in the $60-$70 range, with the higher ones reaching $280 and beyond.


Passionate gym goers as well as runners can easily rely on the Lunarglide 7 range. You will find the Flyknit construction to be very eye catchy. Once you put these shoes on and run some miles, you also get to understand its effectiveness. The feel is really soft overall and the shoes fit very well at the heel, which is an important aspect. One can use these with many kinds of socks, so there are hardly any restrictions.

The Lunarglide 7 design is good for the over pronated feet. It’s easy to put on and take off too, so no issue here. What is even more interesting about it is the way it can accommodate different kinds of feet. Thus, people with a big toe split will not have any issue wearing the Lunarglide pair.

The model comes with a warning, though. These shoes tend to be slippery on a wet surface because of the type of rubber employed. If you avoid rainy weather, you will avoid troubles, as well as wearing out the shoes too early. The combination of wetness plus a hash surface has a negative effect on the soles, so it is best avoided.

All in all, your feet will feel comfortable in the long run in these shoes and will be allowed to ‘breathe’. The upgrades brought on by Nike are indeed a step forward for this already reliable type of running shoe.

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