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A just-for-fun review of a retro handphone

  • Who remembers this phone?! So much history and memories related to this gadget
  • I turned heads when I flip this phone out LOL
  • Check if your network supports this GSM network still, if not just use it for the retro games

Duration length of product testing: 1 month

Nokia 3310

Editor’s Review

Nokia 3310 is nowadays considered a vintage mobile phone. In spite of being seriously outdated, its features seem to still fascinate and many buyers are interested in it, be it out of nostalgia or not. There isn’t anything quite like the legendary 3310.

Product Specifications

Nokia 3310 is an original retro GSM mobile phone created by the Finnish manufacturer and launched in 2000. It has a small monochrome screen of the following dimensions: 1.5 inches and 84×48, a 12-button keypad, along with navigation buttons, four games, calendar, stopwatch and voice dial function. It allows long text messages of 459 characters and is pre-loaded with 35 ringtones. The phone is using the 900 and 1800 frequencies and benefits of a long lasting 900 mAh battery. Although nowadays it is considered rudimentary, Nokia 3310 was an innovation in its time and surprised consumers with its features.


Online, you can find used, refurbished and new 3310 models priced around $50-$65.


Nokia 3310 is sturdy, compact and a bit on the heavy side. To some, it may be hard to go back to phones with keys and no touchscreen. To others, it can be fun, not to mention that a model of this kind is far more reliable. Touchscreens malfunction or get blocked, apps cause loads of issues and most of them simply take too much space and memory. Besides, modern phones can barely go for a whole day with a single charge. If you’ve had enough of all these issues and you rather have quick access to basic functions, like calls and SMS, this phone could be very refreshing. Besides, it will only require a new battery when the existing one is used up. Other than that, it is unlikely to cause any other troubles.

Nokia 3310 was retained by mobile phone history as one of the most durable and reliable handsets, in terms of hardware, too. Be warned though, it no longer works with most carriers and networks since it’s a GSM. It can function, however, with certain European and Asian networks. Most users say they never had any reason to complain about this device and if you’re getting one, you may realize you’ve never really needed anything more – if you’re the truly practical type, of course. While you’re at it, don’t forget to play Nokia’s legendary Snake game.

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