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Safeguard your Vitamin D3 deficiencies with this supplement

  • It enhances my mood.
  • The taste wasn’t sour. It was alright.
  • If there’s one supplement I recommend you to invest, it’s Vitamin D3.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks

Nordic Naturals Vitamin D3 Gummies 1000 IU

Editor’s Review

Nordic Naturals is known as a very safe brand of supplements, addressed to a large segment of the population. While it is known to produce the best fish oil in the US, it has been focusing its attention also on the quality of its other products, improving it on a constant basis. You may just find here a most reliable Vitamin D3 supplement.

The Product

Vitamin D Gummies in Wild Berry flavor is the Nordic Naturals alternative to the less friendly forms of vitamin supplementation. It provides a solid intake of 1,000 IU of Vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, which is the easiest form to absorb. The formula is recommended for healthy bones, as well as for a strong immune system. Moreover, it will be a mood enhancer too and is containing more than the quantity needed for a day. You don’t need more than a daily serving. Vitamin D is well known for its role in Calcium metabolism and how it’s being used in one’s body. Also, it influences other minerals, too.


The usual price for a jar is between SG$30 and SG$25. For this you get no less than 120 gummies per jar, which means you shouldn’t worry at all for 4 full months.


The wild berry taste is a Nordic Naturals novelty and it seems to be a well-received one. The company receives bonus points for using only natural flavors in this product, as well as natural colorings. Note that each gummy has a sour coating, made of fumaric acid and sucrose crystals.

Take one gummy per day and have it with a meal. Your healthcare practitioner may instruct otherwise though, depending on your personal needs; in this case, follow their directions.


With Nordic Naturals you can increase your Vitamin D3 intake to optimal levels by taking this supplement in form of gummies; thus, you can chew your vitamins and enjoy their nice taste. One serving delivers 250% of the daily recommended dose.

Vitamin D has many uses – it can fight against seasonal depression, like that being experienced from midwinter on. It is excellent for people who don’t spend much time in direct sunlight, which would stimulate natural Vitamin D production. It supports bone mineralization as a strong immune function, at the same time fighting a lot of one’s often unexplained bad moods. This is a formula free from allergens.

As long as they are stored in a place without humidity or sunlight, these gummies will stay fresh and potent. Stick to the recommended dosage and only take this supplement once you know you are Vitamin D3 deficient. Medical tests will reveal this to you.

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