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I gained 13kg consuming this after my year long bulking. It comes in 8 and 12 pounds variation. I truly recommend this supplement if you wish to increase your daily caloric intake for your mass gaining phase.

  • No distaste flavor.
  • Taste neutral.
  • Aside from helping you gain quick mass, it replenishes your glycogen.
  • Powder form becomes darn sticky when in contact with water. Makes handling it messy afterwards.
  • Even using a blender, some clumps are however unavoidable. Try adding more water.
  • The solubility could have been better however as clumps of carbs can be found at the bottom of my shaker.
  • You don’t have to worry about the taste as there is none, plus the cornstarch maltodextrin kinda makes your shakes seem thicker, which to me is more palatable to my tongue.
  • This will help you bulk as the carbohydrate substitute of just 1/2 scoop of it yields 50 grams of complex carbs!
  • This supplement also helps to refill your reserves with its high glycemic index which is ideal for a post workout shake.
  • Using this I started out at a lean 65 kilograms of weight and at my most heaviest during bulking was 81 kilograms. It works for me and should for you too.
  • With a consistent consumption of NOW Carbo gain stacked with whey protein, and a proper diet in-place plus disciplined training, you can gain lots of mass.

Duration length of product testing: 4 weeks and still am using it

NOW Carbo Gain

Editor’s Review

The art and science of gaining weight is grossly misunderstood. Most people are of the opinion that eating everything in sight will further their weight-gain ambitions. While this will indeed help pack on the pounds, part of those gains will be fat. Even when you are out to gain weight, you should be selective in your food choices. Choosing the best carbohydrates is the best approach, as it will result in lean muscle gains, assuming that an intensive workout routine is followed.

Carbohydrate Supplement

A carbohydrate supplement is essential if you want to keep your energy reserves well stocked. When engaging in a heavy or prolonged exercise, you can prevent the quick depletion of your muscle glycogen stores by supplementing with NOW Carbo gain. This maltodextrin formulation is easily digestible and assimilates easily to replenish your glucose stores for a sustained energy level. This complex carbohydrate is slow-releasing, so you get a constant supply of glucose to fuel your activity.

During intense exercise, whether cardio or weight lifting, there is a lot of biological stress placed on the body. The increased metabolisms, build up of by-products, and continued energy release do have an effect on the body. This is why a recovery period is recommended after a workout. Maltodextrin helps the body cope with these aforementioned stresses, by supporting post-workout recovery.

The recommended usage of NOW carbo gain is 2/3 cup in 24 oz of juice or water. You can use it a pre and post-workout shake, or sip it throughout your intensive session.

Without any fiber or protein, the supplement provides a superior energy source that befits the active individual. If you are a recreational bodybuilder, but are finding it hard reaching your macros, try out the supplement. It will further your pursuit of the physique you perceive to be ideal.

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